Kylie Jenner Is Shamed After She Posted A Steamy And Sweaty Workout Photo

Kylie Jenner Workout Photos Plastic Surgery Shade

Kylie Jenner has shared three new snaps to Instagram showing off her coveted figure, wearing just a white bra and a pair of taupe boxer shorts.

The 23-year-old social media influencer and model posed against a huge slate wall in the Kardashian-Jenner household, as her new hair — described by one follower as “long long long” — falls dramatically by her side.

In the photos posted on Tuesday, Kylie is seen posing seductively as she holds her hands to her forehead and stares directly into the camera.

Another picture shows the model raising her hands higher above her head, holding a small piece of her extra-long black hair and giving followers a full view of her toned stomach.

She wore a full face of make-up and smokey eyeshadow; her nails were painted red and matched with a selection of rings.

The post was captioned “everything and more” and soon amassed millions of likes from her adoring fanbase of more than 212 million on Instagram alone.

On Monday, Kylie took to her Instagram story to share snaps from her workout.

She told followers she “loved an afternoon workout” as she shared a photo standing in the gym with treadmills, weights, and other exercise equipment in the background.

Wearing a matching grey bra and shorts gym set, she posed sideways in front of a mirror — leaving her head and most of her legs out of it — and revealed her toned core and enviable figure.

A fan had this reaction: “Kylie is so damn gorgeous.” A critic shamed the reality TV star: “No hate, but why does she workout? She’s gotten plastic surgery, so why not just get it again? It’s whatever tho.”

A third follower chimed in: “She ruined her face with an excess of fillerđŸ˜«, Looking less human with so much done to your once beautiful face.đŸ˜ŸđŸ˜ŸđŸ„±”

Earlier this month, Kylie and her sister, Kendall Jenner, traveled with friends from Los Angeles to Mexico despite the coronavirus pandemic.

They stayed in a luxury villa which cost $7,000 a night — boasting twelve bedrooms, a huge pool, and their own private pathway to the beach.

Kylie Jenner Workout Pictures Plastic Surgery Shade

The future billionaire seems to be chilling and taking her time before making her next big move. She is also being very cautious in her relationship with her baby daddy, rapper Travis Scott.

They get along well and observers even believe that if she ever decides to have baby number two, it will be with him. However, she is not ready to clarify things on that front.


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