Mark Latunski, Suspect In Man Named Kevin Bacon’s Murder, Accused Of Eating His Grindr Date — He Wants An Insanity Plea

Mark Latunski Kevin Bacon Grindr Michigan Murder Hairdresser

Kevin Bacon, a 25-year-old hairdresser from Michigan with the same name as the popular Footloose actor, was brutally murdered and mutilated by his date after allegedly meeting via the LGBTQ dating app, Grindr.

The body of the murder victim was discovered at a home in Bennington Township after he was initially reported missing by his family.

Relatives of the late hairstylist were first alerted that something terrible was going on when Bacon did not attend their family meeting on Christmas Day.

Meanwhile, one of Bacon’s closest friends, Michelle Meyers, with whom he was sharing a residence, claimed that the man went out on the night before, because he had a date with a man, named Mark Latunski, that he met on Grindr.

During the investigation, police officers first discovered the victim’s vehicle parked in front of a Dollar General store, and by following the last known destination of the car, investigators reached Latunski’s residence in Shiawassee County.

After searching the home, authorities discovered Bacon’s remains with the body hanging by the ankles, which were tied with a rope hanging from the ceiling.

Besides, Latunski has reportedly confessed to murdering his date by stabbing him with a knife and slicing his throat.

However, he was not content with just killing the man because he also claimed to have sliced off the testicles of his victim before eating them.

Following the shocking discovery, Latunski was immediately taken into custody without the possibility of a bond, and he is going to face charges for murder and mutilation.

The 61-year-old City on a Hill star paid tribute to the victim on social media.

His message read: “For obvious reasons I’m thinking this morning about the friends and Family of this young person Kevin Bacon. His life was taken from him much too soon. His love was hair dressing. I bet he would have done a great job on this mess on my head. RIP KB.”

One of his supporters replied: “You’re such a good soul Kevin 🙏🏽 this is truly heartbreaking. Thank you for your words of kindness in this dark, cruel world. May his family and friends be comforted with the best memories of him.”

According to reports, Latunski suffered from depression, paranoid schizophrenia, and traits of a personality disorder, and he had stopped taking his medications.

His ex-wife, Emily Latunski, had asked in August for his parental rights to be suspended.

The 50-year-old father of four, who worked as a chemist, has opted to submit an insanity plea. A judge has ordered a competency test.

Authorities do not think that he is a serial killer, but the case has raised a lot of concerns when it comes to the security of people who use dating apps like Grindr.


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