New Photos Of Bradley Cooper’s Daughter, Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper, Melt Hearts

Bradley Cooper Irina Shayk Daughter Lea

Even though Bradley Cooper and his ex-girlfriend, Irina Shayk, separated some time ago, that has not gotten in the way of Cooper loving his daughter from the relationship and doing everything he can to be involved in her life.

This has come out in recent reports and sweet photos that paint the two as a lovely father-daughter duo, with young Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper already taking on some of her father’s features and imitating him in various ways.

According to reports from people allegedly close to the former couple, they have been determined to make things work for the sake of their daughter and have been doing their best to maintain a civil relationship between themselves.

Obviously, there have been some issues along the way, but they seem to be doing a fine job, all things considered.

Fans of the former power couple have not seen too many public appearances of Cooper and Shayk together since they split up, but they appear to be handling things overall well.

Cooper has apparently made it clear that he plans to always be there for his little girl, no matter where life takes them and how things turn out. He has pledged to be present for any important event in her life.

An insider revealed to Us Weekly: “They both want to keep it civil for [her] sake. They’ll coordinate to make sure their daughter is always with one parent. When Lea has important events in her life, both Bradley and Irina will be there. They try to avoid each other at all costs and can’t bear to be under the same roof.”

The source continued: “They’ll speak to make arrangements for their daughter, but that’s about as far as it goes.”

Hopefully, this will work out in the long run because it does seem like there is a lot of love between the young girl and her parents, and there is definitely a potential for a strong long-term relationship there.

In a recent interview, Cooper beamed with joy while talking about his baby girl: “That’s the thing I want my daughter to have — I just always want her to feel loved. I guess having a child and having a family of my own — which is a miracle and something I’ve always dreamt of — has opened me up, even more, I guess, to the day, and to be present.”

Cooper, who has been very low-key since the coronavirus pandemic started, released a video urging people in Pennsylvania to register and vote.

The deadline to do this in the crucial swing state is October 19.


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