Hunter Biden Allegedly Connected To Several Criminal Investigations

Hunter Biden Investigations Lunden Alexis Robert Case

Things around Hunter Biden continue to get more and more complicated, as the son of former Vice President Joe Biden has now been linked to multiple criminal investigations, most of them of a financial nature.

This was revealed by newly-publicized court documents filed recently, and it looks like Biden might continue to see a downward spiral in his reputation if the current situation continues to evolve in the same direction.

However, it seems like at least some of the claims might not successfully make it in court, as a judge has accused the person behind them of trying to meddle intentionally with the case involving Biden and his alleged baby mama, Lunden Alexis Robert, a former stripper known as Dallas.

Private-eye firm D&A Investigations, which is based in Florida, is behind those claims about the existence of multiple criminal investigations related to “fraud, money laundering and a counterfeiting scheme” around Biden.

Biden has also filed a motion to have the claims dismissed, claiming that they are just meant to draw the media’s attention in a lawsuit with a very sensitive nature.

The court seems to agree with the businessman, at least to some extent, judging by the response he has received so far.

However, it remains to be seen if he will be able to enjoy the same kind of luck in the rest of his proceedings.

One thing is certain right now, though — the media is not going to leave Hunter Biden alone anytime soon, and the lawyer is going to face an increasingly challenging situation, accompanied by stronger media scrutiny with his father being a frontrunner for the Democratic nomination for president.

Whatever his past holds, it will likely come out in full force in the coming months, which might lead to some interesting revelations for the public as a whole.

Whatever Hunter does at this point is problematic. For example, he was left out of the Biden Christmas family picture, probably to shield him a bit from the media.

However, Conservative Twitter mocked him for hiding. The paternity case is being used by critics to dig up for dirt in his finances while trying to tarnish his father’s reputation.

It is not clear that all of this will have an impact on next year’s elections.


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