Heidi Broussard’s Baby, Margot Carey, Reunites With Dad Shane In Texas After Magen Fieramusca’s Arrest

Heidi Broussard Margot Carey Shane Texas

The tragic story of Heidi Broussard has a minor positive development, as the baby girl, Margot Carey, of the murdered woman, is reportedly back together with her father, Shane Carey, and the two have been reunited for good.

33-year-old Broussard’s life was allegedly taken by her own best friend, Magen Fieramusca, also 33, who was subsequently charged with kidnapping and tampering with a corpse.

The victim was reportedly strangled and left in the trunk of her friend’s car, outside the suspect’s home in Houston. Fieramusca is also known as Megan Humphrey, and she used to work as a wedding planner.

And after the news broke out, many people expressed concern about the situation around the woman’s baby girl, who is reportedly only one month old.

The girl has reportedly been brought back to her father successfully, and the two are now back together for good.

The man has refused to comment much on the case and has chosen to grief in private, which many people are currently respecting, as he has not received many inquiries about his situation from the public.

Mr. Carey was seen as an ideal suspect for many people online, but authorities quickly cleared him. However, acquaintances allege that there was a bit of violence in the couple’s history, and the lovebirds reportedly split at some point.

Broussard even posted images on social media that alleged that Carey was a bit aggressive with her.

She once sent the following message to a friend, Cliff Nolte, 37: “Shane grabbed me really hard because I tried to stop him because he stole Zeus [their dog] last last [sic] cause I told him I couldn’t stay.”

Carey addressed his critics in an interview by saying: “I try to ignore that, I don’t know how to handle it. But I know it’s a question. I just ignore it. I know it’s not true. It’s negative.”

Meanwhile, police have also been reluctant to share more details of their investigation, and it looks like things have been moving rather slowly on that front.

It is not clear if any new developments have been made in that regard, or if the case is considered “solved” at this point.

One thing is sure, though — this tragedy has managed to shake the local community to its core, and many people have been shocked by what has happened.

The situation has been made even more complicated by the exact circumstances around the killing, and the involvement of the victim’s own best friend.

The suspect Claimed Margot was hers and used the name, “Luna Mae,” for the baby. The residence where the baby was found in the home of a man named Christopher Green, Fieramusca’s landlord.

The suspect had set up a baby registry with him on Amazon and told people that she was having a child with him.

However, she was not pregnant.


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