Couple Allegedly Murdered Teen As ‘Payback’ Over STD — They Blame Each Other

Cheyenne Blalock Andrew Hall Kirstan Patterson Murder Suspect Oklahoma

Andrew Hall, a 30-year-old man from Oklahoma, and his teenage girlfriend, Cheyenne Blalock, 17, have been accused of the shooting death of Kirstan Patterson, who was also 17.

The couple allegedly killed Patterson as a “payback” for giving Hall a sexually transmitted disease. Hall and Blalock were charged with first-degree murder on Friday.

Patterson’s body was found on Wednesday, and she was reportedly shot in the head. Patterson was reported missing a few hours before the shocking discovery.

Mayes County Sheriff Mike Reed told KOTV: “Be very careful who you hang out with and who you run around [with] because it can make a difference. I promise you your parents would rather get up at 1 in the morning and come and give you a ride home than something detrimental happen to you. Our heart goes out to the family. I’ve got kids, and I just couldn’t fathom.”

Authorities say the two teenage girls knew each other and went to the same high school in Chouteau, Oklahoma. She also had been in contact with Hall.

The two suspects are now blaming each other for what happened with Blalock, claiming that she was not there during Patterson’s final moments, but she did hear two gunshots. The teenager admitted to touching the body to verify if Patterson was really dead.

Hall told officials that Blalock is the one who killed the young girl with two rifle shots. The adult male said he was afraid of his girlfriend because she could get violent. Hall also claims the two girls had other problems.

Moreover, Hall claims he did not expect things to go this way when Blalock was hiding under a blanket in the back of his car. The alleged teenage criminal had managed to convince her schoolmate to meet the couple on New Year’s Day.

The affidavit also read: “Blalock said Hall poured bleach on the body in some effort to destroy evidence, and then Hall moved the body into the water.” People online put a lot of blame on the adult in the tragic story.

One commenter stated: “Women in relationships will go to ANY length to blame someone other than themselves and their man for his cheating.”

Another person added: “First off did any catch that this dude is 30 chilling with lil girls…”

Karry Patterson, the mother of the victim, who ha set up a fundraiser for funeral cost and other expenses, shared online: “She is my world my heart my soul and now my heart is broken into pieces.”

Hall and Blalock will return to court on Thursday and bond was set at $1 million.


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