Queen Elizabeth Is Expected To Deliver Some Major News To Prince Charles In The Upcoming Months

Queen Elizabeth Prince Charles Abdication April

Once more, speculations are running high, claiming that Queen Elizabeth II will soon have some important news to announce to the world.

According to a royal expert, Queen Elizabeth will mark her 95th birthday in April 2021 with the bombshell revelation that she will abdicate the throne.

Elizabeth would follow in the footsteps of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and King Juan Carlos of Spain, who viewed themselves as modern monarchs and took the abdication route.

While some British citizens were hoping that her grandson, Prince William, would replace her, that will not be the case.

Prince Charles will become King when his mother steps down from her high-profile position.

Appearing on The Royal Beat, available on True Royalty TV, royal commentator Robert Jobson confirmed the rumor circulating on the Internet since early 2017.

Jobson revealed: “I still firmly believe when the Queen becomes 95, that she will step down.”

The royal biographer and Newsweek reporter went on to say: “I think she won’t want to, but realistically she will get to a point where she has handed over everything to Charles, and then how do you look your son in the eye and tell him he is not going to be King?”

Queen Elizabeth’s abdication chatter is not that surprising to some who say that at the age of 94, she is one of the most high-risk royal family members during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

While Her Majesty has been taking part in some royal engagements via Zoom, there is a big possibility that she will never return to work in the traditional sense.

According to royal biographer Andrew Morton, Queen Elizabeth’s reign is “effectively over” due to the health crisis that has forever changed the world.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Morton said: “It’s terribly sad, but I can’t see how the Queen can resume her job. The COVID-19 virus isn’t going away soon and will be with us for months, if not years. It would be “far too risky for the Queen to start meeting people on a regular basis.”

In another interview, Jobson explained what would happen if the Queen steps aside: “If implemented it would see Charles appointed Prince Regent, King in all but name. My understanding is that while the Queen feels fit and well both physically and mentally, she will continue to reign, supported by her son, Charles, and William, his heir, and the rest of the royal family.”

The next few months will have experts debating the merits of the abdication idea.


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