Ethan Suplee, ‘Remember The Titans’ Actor And Frankie Stechino From ‘Boy Meets World,’ Drops Hundreds Of Pounds And Is Unrecognizable In New Photos

Ethan Suplee Remember The Titans Actor Weight Loss Wife Brandy Lewis

In 2000, Remember the Titans actor Ethan Suplee took on the role of an overweight high school football player, and he gained a lot of weight in preparation for the part accordingly.

Many of his fans were worried that he would have trouble shedding the extra pounds once filming was over, and the actor did indeed appear to struggle with his situation for some time.

However, two decades after the film came out, 43-year-old Suplee came out with several new pictures that show his fantastic transformation and tremendous weight loss.

And it looks like the former Boy Meets World actor has done quite a lot to get back in to shape as the pictures show him looking better than ever, around 200 pounds slimmer than before.

Most of the fat is gone, replaced by muscle — Suplee, a Scientologist, has been hard at work at the gym, and he has not been afraid to show that off either — fans are saying his wife, Brandy Lewis, must be loving the new hunky star.

It is pretty evident that he has put a lot of effort into his body transformation, and so far, it looks to be paying off.

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The actor was visibly proud of the shots that he shared on social media, and many of his fans were supportive of his transformation and praised his persistence.

The posts have generated a lot of positive attention. They have created an interesting discussion about the way people can maintain their fit bodies after significant transformations, with some also pointing out that the job of the average actor cannot be simple when they have to keep altering their bodies for roles.

The pictures have also motivated many people to come forward and share their weight struggle journeys.

Others have been inspired to change their eating habits and to become more physically active to shed the unwanted pounds.

One person, who goes by the name Dani, reached out to the actor with the inspirational post: “Let me start by saying I’m 100% proud of the dude, and I don’t even personally know him. The YEARS it’s taken Ethan to be consistent, the number of times he probably wanted to quit, the dedication he needed to have to do this… It’s all worth it. For the people who put down friends, family members, and (in this case) people they don’t know, for the hard work and drive to become healthier and live a better life (in terms of mobility, health, etc.) it’s YOU that’s the real problem. Your fetishism and mocking will probably slow the rate the person makes progress down for a while, but sooner or later, they’ll realize you’re the issue, not them. They’ll cut you off, and you’ll lose genuine people; they’ll realize for them to keep going and keep making progress, they need to cut negative people out.”

She went on to explain: “I’ve cut off the people who gave me a hard time losing weight because they couldn’t understand why I felt I needed to change. They liked chunky Dani. They liked Dani with “meat on her bones,” and the current Dani is a little too into fitness for their liking. I can only imagine the words Ethan had to endure, the roles he needed to turn down, and the relationships he sacrificed to do this. The mental aspect of it is just part of it, but you need a team to help you in the process. I’m 100% positive he surrounded himself with positive people who cheered him on, and I’m sure the movements that were so hard to do before (walking long distances, getting off the floor, etc.) are easy tasks for him now. I’m so so so proud of this. And shame on you if you’ve EVER told someone that you liked them better before their hard work.”

Another supporter revealed: “So happy for him! I loved his character and the way he played him in Cold Mountain. I wish all good things for him.”

One kind note read: “This was a true inspiration. A lot of similarities in how I felt eating growing up. I am extremely overweight, but this opened my eyes thank you very much for talking about your eating and everything else great podcast.”

Many have been bombarding the star with questions about his weight loss, and he has taken the time to answer and encourage them.


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