Woman Walks Completely Naked Through The Miami International Airport In Viral Video Without Being Stopped

Woman Miami International Airport Police

According to recent reports, an unidentified woman, who is 27 years old, grabbed headlines as she took off her clothes and walked through the International Airport in Miami before finally stopping and sitting on top of a police vehicle.

The unusual behavior of the female, whose identity remains unknown for the time being, was videotaped by the security cameras in the area, and she could be seen first walking only in her two-piece underwear before stripping her bra and pants as well and remaining completely naked.

However, it appears that the woman was not bothered at all by the lack of clothes on her body, because she continued to walk on calmly and to sing happily to herself.

In the footage, several witnesses of the naked lady, including both passengers and airport employees, could be seen looking astonished or bemused.

The woman then reportedly proceeded directly to the police car that was stationed in front of the building and settled on top of it in a lotus position.

Following the out-of-the-ordinary scene, a couple of people that were present to it commented they were really surprised by the reaction of the airport staff.


According to one of the passengers, who witnessed what happened, nobody tried to help or to interfere in any way and to cover the naked body of the woman.

Passenger Tay Credit shared: “I would never expect to see something like that. That would probably make me bust down, and I would want to help. That’s the only thing that did confuse me, was no one tried to help, or cover her up; women especially.”

A spokesman from the Miami police later announced that the incident happened on Monday night, shortly before midnight, and the naked woman was discovered at the MIA Central Plaza parking garage when she was taken into custody to have her mental health evaluated.

The statement read in part: “The naked female was located at the MIA Central Plaza parking garage exit, behaving erratically. After conducting his investigation, the responding officer took her into custody and transported her to a nearby receiving facility for an involuntary examination under the Florida Baker Act statute.”

The viral video is reminiscent of European nude performance artist Deborah De Robertis, who started gaining a lot of fame in 2014.


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