Woman Arrested After Boyfriend Dies In Suitcase She Allegedly Zipped — Both Had A History Of Domestic Violence

Sarah Boone Jorge Torres Jr. Florida Murder Suitcase

Sarah Boone, a woman from Florida, was taken into custody for murdering her partner with a suitcase.

According to the 42-year-old arrested female; the tragedy occurred in late February, when she and her boyfriend, Jorge Torres Jr., allegedly decided to play hide-and-seek, while being intoxicated with alcohol.

The couple reportedly set their eyes on the blue suitcase that was in the woman’s house, and both thought it would be hilarious if Torres hid there.

However, Boone claims that afterward, she forgot about where her boyfriend was, and she went to sleep for a while.

When she woke up after a couple of hours, Boone remembered Torres, but when she finally opened the suitcase, he was not breathing. The concerned woman allegedly immediately contacted authorities, who confirmed that the man was dead.

According to police reports, Boone was first suspected of intentionally killing her boyfriend, when they discovered some suspicious video clips on her smartphone.

In one of the videos, Torres is already confined and begging to be released because he could not breathe, while his girlfriend is laughing at him.

In addition, Boone could also be heard saying, “Yeah, that’s what you do when you choke me” to her pleading man. In another video, the suitcase is filmed, while Torres is trying to escape by pushing from inside.

At one point, Boone remarks to the trapped Torres that what happened was on him, and that is what she felt like when he cheated on her. She can be heard saying: “For everything you’ve done to me. F— you. Stupid.”

The Florida native was arrested right after police officers found the videos and decided that her story did not add up.

Boone’s lawyer, Mauricio Padilla, had this to say in her defense: “I think it’s an odd case for everybody. You rarely see this set of circumstances. I believe that the same circumstances that make this a unique case and media-worthy, is pretty much the same set of circumstances that is eventually going to exonerate her. These were people who were involved in mutually playing a game, and when the evidence comes out, it’s going to show that this is not a crime, this is just a tragedy.”

He added: “This is a horrible loss for her, and this is a loss of her live-in boyfriend of many years and her loss of freedom. She’s the mother of a young son, so she’s in a really dark place right now. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone what she’s going through.”

Boone and Torres previously had run-ins with the law when it comes to domestic violence.


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