Hannah Godwin From ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Shares Very Cheeky White Bikini Photo Taken While In Quarantine With Fiancé Dylan Barbour

Hannah Godwin Bachelor In Paradise Fiancé Dylan Barbour

A recent photo from Bachelor in Paradise star Hannah Godwin that she shared with her fans on Instagram made it clear that the Alabama beauty is handling the quarantine situation more or less okay, and she seems to be doing well, especially with fiancé Dylan Barbour at home with her.

She took the time to show off a new white bikini along with a black and white jacket. The sexy photo where she showed off her perky booty was taken on an empty California road.

As can be expected, it did not take long for the positive comments to start pouring in, with many praising Godwin for her attention to her looks, while others concerned asking if she is already doing well in the current situation.

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making ur blazer into a superhero cape 101

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Fans of the Bachelor in Paradise talent also expressed their concerns about the fact that the star was doing photoshoots during quarantined, but it does not seem like she broke self-isolation in any way, judging by the photos.

Entirely, on the contrary, they all gave off a somewhat eerie, lonesome vibe.

However, all in all, they were done in an exquisite style, and it is clear that her photographer also knew what he/she was doing.

Godwin also teased that she might be releasing more photos soon, much to the delight of many of her supporters.

The YouTube vlogger already managed to stir up quite the discussion with her recent postings, so it should be exciting to see what else she might have in stock to keep her followers distracted from the current situation.

Hopefully, she will continue to release those photos in a timely fashion, judging by the current responses to the last one.

The television personality, model, and Barbour recently did an interview where they spoke about their upcoming wedding.

Barbour explained: “We learned from the engagement party that we’re going to try and keep it really small, but it felt like 100 people, so I think the wedding will be like 300 to 500 people. Dead serious. My parents had 300 400 people at their wedding. It’s going to be a blast. I’m not excluding any of my friends.”

He also spoke about the wedding location and having members of Bachelor Nation as his groomsmen: “I want there to be some type of greenery and some body of water. I have ten spots already spoken for from the guys that I grew up with. If Hannah can come up with 15 bridesmaids, then yah.”

The couple seems ready for the next stage of their romance.

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mosaic lookin tan line coming soon | @revolve

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