Kelly Rowland Stuns At 39 In New Photo That She Says Is Not A ‘Thirst Trap’

Kelly Rowland COFEE Mother's Day Thirst Trap

Kelly Rowland turned 39 in February, and the former Destiny’s Child is very proud of the way she looks.

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter‘s “sister” took to social media on Tuesday to share a revealing photo where she is wearing black lingerie that highlighted her incredible physique.

The picture is beautiful, and the mother of one looks stunning. However, Tim Weatherspoon‘s wife insists that it is not a thirst trap.

It seems that the talented “COFFEE” singer wants people to look and tell her nice things, but not take matters too far.

Rowland’s caption read: “It’s not a thirst trap……. I’m just gonna leave this here. #39.” Tamar Braxton, Gabrielle Union, and Robin Thede all applauded her fine body.

Some are even going to use the photo as motivation to get back in optimal shape. It was a big win for the media personality, and the pic quickly went viral.

One follower was very honest and wrote: “Really, Kelly? I’m sitting in my bed dry and crusty eating boiled peanuts! Now let me get up and do a few crunches and put on lotion.”

It will be interesting to see if those people can continue in the long run after being so inspired. Most commenters recognize that it probably took a lot of effort and dedication for the artist to get where she is physically.

Despite all the good feelings, some critics still brought up the skin bleaching rumors that have going for a while about Rowland. There is no evidence that she bleaches her skin, but the chatter is going on strong.

A big Rowland backer addressed the naysayers directly with this remark: “Y’all know there is such thing as lighting/filters … I assure you she’s comfortable enough in her skin where she doesn’t need to start bleaching it.”

A second supporter wants naysayers to use common sense when it comes to the “Motivation” singer’s skin tone. The person continued: “People get on my nerves. Dark skin people like myself can get a little lighter every now and again also very dark every now and again 🙄.”

A third fan chimed in: “For people who keep commenting on her skin…2 thangs: a clean diet improves your skin’s texture and may change the tone, making it even. She also has RICH folks light fixtures with a white background. That’s going to hit way different!”

Rowland can be proud of herself regardless of what critics say. She wrote a sweet message for Queen Bey on Mother’s Day.


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