Prince Harry Scores Big Win And Takes Coveted Title From Prince William

Prince William Harry PEOPLE Sexiest Royal Alive

After a hard-fought competition, Prince Harry has been able to snatch the very coveted title of Sexiest Royal from his brother, Prince William.

Many believe that PEOPLE Magazine crowned Meghan Markle‘s husband with the title based on his good looks, popularity, and philanthropy.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, beat William and a long list of other famous royals, including Prince Carl Phillip of Sweden and Prince Mateen of Brunei, to make it to the top.

Prince Carl Phillip impressed royal fans with the fact that he speaks seven languages. Abdul Mateen is the king of shirtless selfies. He also earned himself a master’s in international diplomacy.

This is the second time that the Duke of Sussex bested Prince William in a poll shared by PEOPLE based on its readers’ opinions.

The Duke of Cambridge was no match for Harry, who also picked up the Sexiest Dad Alive title. Earlier this year, Harry was declared the winner after taking on impressive competitors such as Ryan Lochte and Ryan Reynolds.

It is easy to guess that the two brothers did not laugh at the recognition attributed by the famous magazine. The duo barely talks since Harry and his wife decided to step down from their royal duties and move to California.

Royal author Robert Lacey said the situation between Harry and William is hopeless and added: “The rift gets more serious with every passing day.”

The British historian claimed the bitter divorce of their parents — (Prince Charles and Princess Diana) — and the loss of their mother played a part in the drama and chaos that are currently taking place between the duo.

He explained: “The chickens have come home to roost. We thought the disorder, chaos, and tragedy of the ’80s and ’90s involving their parents were over. Now [it’s all] come back to life in the shape of these two boys. They are the legacy of all that heartache. They both talk about the importance of mental health and acknowledge they are psychologically fragile. But they coped with it in different ways.”

To understand the enormous difference that exists between Harry and William, observers look at the way they picked their respective wives.

The author elaborated: “When he meets Kate Middleton at university, he actually makes the poor young woman wait nine years to effectively audition her for the job as a wife to the head of state. He took the lesson of duty.”

He went on to say: “His attitude was: ‘Well, I’m not going to make the same mistake as my parents. I’m marrying for love.’ And he’s been so happy and proud to proclaim he loved Meghan virtually from the moment he met her in 2016. That impulse has guided him.”

The writer concluded with this gloomy statement: “It’s looking less and less likely for a reconciliation. I don’t see a way back in for Harry, not into the working royal family.”

Fans do not know who deserves more blame for the fallout.


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