Tekashi 6ix9ine Throws The Ultimate Insult At Snoop Dogg, And He Answers With A Threat Using This Video

Tekashi 6ix9ine Snoop Dogg Feud

There is a new hip hop feud that is spilling ink, and many people are warning Tekashi 6ix9ine not to continue engaging Snoop Dogg because this might not be good for him.

The controversial and colorful rapper has been living his post-prison life as he did before getting incarcerated — he is once more the biggest troll on social media, and his list of enemies just keeps growing.

This week, he decided to attack West Coast legend and funnyman Snoop Dogg and throw the ultimate insult at him.
It is not known why, but Tekashi 6ix9ine decided to ask a question about snitching.

He wrote: “Should I just tell you guys what rappers snitched?” He went on to say: “Because they told me EVERYTHING When I Started.”

The post was shared on The Shade Room, and Tekashi 6ix9ine dropped in the comment section to call out Snoop Dogg by writing: “@snoopdogg hey sir, let’s chat.”

He later added this: “If you are in denial, the paperwork is online, and suge knight speaks on it from prison, but we choose to ignore who we want to call rats.”

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P. S. A.

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After the post went viral, the “Nuthin But A G’Thang” and “The Next Episode” MC decided to respond.

Martha Stewart‘s close friend decided to post a video where he told the young rapper that once the quarantine is over, he plans to meet up with him and fight for insulting his name and character.

Snoop Dogg posted a video of Pimpin Silky saying these menacing words: “It’s two things silky ain’t never seen: A turtle with speed, and a monkey-mouthed, knock-kneed, trout-mouthed, btch I need. And when this quarantine over, I’m trying to take the blue out the sky and put it in a white btch eye, you dig that.”

Tekashi 6ix9ine hit back with this answer: “Posting this is not going to distract everyone that you are trying to play it off. Explain yourself. They pick and choose who they want to call rats THERES PAPERWORK and SUGE KNIGHTS prison interview, BUT the industry acts blind, mute and death I’m not letting up either.”

Many music lovers took to social media to share their opinions on the fight.

The Instagrammer had this remark in the comment section: “That “dude” is a legend, and you are a clown to match the clown in office. You will never be…stop reaching for the King’s crown with Cho “court’s jesture” looking azz! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚”

Another person went on to say the following: “He should just chill and make his music. He hasn’t been under quarantine long enough to be losing his mind already. 😭”

This critic had a controversial opinion on the subject: “Snoop did snitch & it’s been said the TI snitched tooπŸ™„ you all don’t wanna talk about that tho. I’m sure it’s way more who did too. This whole “no snitching culture” ain’t real..first 48 ain’t a lie …most them dudes fold when things get hot.”

Is Tekashi 6ix9ine wrong for doing this?


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