Jennifer Williams Stuns By Not Wearing Clothes While In Quarantine According To Her Latest Photos, As The ‘Basketball Wives’ Star Lands In Trouble For Doing This

Jennifer Williams 'Basketball Wives' Clothes

Jennifer Williams seems to be taking the lockdown due to the coronavirus very seriously, according to her various Instagram posts.

The Basketball Wives star has been staying home and taking care of herself by having fun in her private pool.

Williams has been posting up a storm on Instagram since the traveling restrictions and social distancing rules have been put in place.

The reality TV star shared dozens of sizzling bikini photos where she flaunted her killer curves. She has also posted a few videos where she is dancing while wearing a gorgeous bathing suit.

Williams did not hide and came clean when some of her followers asked her will she ever wear clothes again. She used the captions to say that for the past month, she has been wearing only bikinis, but she is starting to miss outside.

The model and TV star stated: “I been in a bathing suit the past 30 days, no clothes needed. Although I feel extremely blessed to spend time with people I call my sisters, I’m ready to wear some clothes. I want to go outside 😩#quarantinelife.”

The photos prompted this positive message from a fan: “Green eyes just fit u!! Like you were born with them for sure!! They just look so natural. Like you know how on some ppl you can just tell they’re not real?!! On you, they look 100% real & fit so well!! There are just certain ppl who can pull them off & you’re 1 of them!! 😍😍😍”

Williams received this sweet compliment from an admirer: “When God created u, he created a blessingπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ No need for clothes. She doesn’t age, what is your secret sis?”

This follower stated: “Jen, you still smoking hot sister. That red bikini is fire on you.”

Fans have been bashing Williams for promoting a luxury face mask because they deem that people’s health should be a priority at the moment, not fashion or appearances.

A critic lashed out at Williams for being out of touch. The social media user stated: “You guys get on my nerves only promoting designer this and designers that.. wear a damn reg mask.. gosh man girl bye.”

Another angry social media user made this comment on the matter: “Look at you, Showing off your expensive mask and glasses. so out of touch with the real world.”

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The way my quarantine life is set up…. πŸ‘™

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This Instagrammer came out swinging and brought some facts to maker her point: “Now isn’t the time to be showing how rich one is. Ppl can’t make their rent payments or put food on the table. Plus, 80,000 people have died. So yeah, I don’t care to see these celebrities being out of touch with reality.”

Williams recently revealed that she was scammed by a con man. In the interview below, she gave some details about the situation.


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