White Men And Proud Donald Trump Supporters With All Lives Matter Sign Mock Protesters With George Floyd’s Death Reenactment Video

Joe Jim DeMarco Donald Trump Supporters George Floyd Protest New Jersey

Joe DeMarco and Jim DeMarco, two white brothers, who have become overnight celebrities, are about to lose their jobs.

The duo appeared in a video that was deemed racist where they are mocking the death of George Floyd in Franklinville, New Jersey.

Jim DeMarco, who worked for FedEx, was fired from his post. While Joe DeMarco, who worked as a corrections officer at a New Jersey facility, has been suspended from his post as officials investigate the matter.

In the viral footage, the DeMarco brothers could be seen with several Caucasian people standing in front of a giant Donald Trump flag.

One DeMarco takes on the role of Derek Chauvin, the white police officer who placed his knee on Floyd’s neck for over 8 minutes.

While the other DeMarco pretended to be Floyd, who was lying on the ground, pleading for his life, calling out for his dead mother and repeating over and over that he could not breathe.

It has been confirmed that Jim DeMarco is the one kneeling on his brother’s neck in the video. In the clip of the DeMarco brothers reenacting Floyd’s death, one of them could be heard shouting: “This is what happens; this is what happens, comply with the cops, comply with the cops. He’s dead because he didn’t comply.”

In a statement issued by FedEx, they announced that Jim DeMarco had been terminated: “The behavior depicted in the video, which involved a FedEx employee, is appalling and offensive. The employee in question was immediately removed from all FedEx work duties while our investigation is concluded, and all internal procedures are followed. A diverse and inclusive workforce is at the heart of our business, and we stand with those who support justice and equality.”

The New Jersey Department of Corrections also posted a note on Joe DeMarco’s behavior.

The statement read: “We have been made aware that one of our officers participated in the filming of a hateful and disappointing video that mocked the killing of George Floyd. The individual has been suspended from their post and banned from NJDOC facilities pending a thorough and expedited investigation.”

The New Jersey Department of Corrections is being slammed by critics because they Claim that their action is insufficient.

A concerned citizen had this to say: “What needs to be further investigated? Is that the type of behavior your company condones? For a correction OFFICER at that? At least @fedex got it right on their part. SMH.”

This voter wrote: “Shame on you. He feels comfortable doing this for a reason.”

Some experts say the viral reenactment is not a good look for President Trump and his polls numbers.


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