Ginny Fuchs, Olympic Boxer, Did Not Expect Sex With Boyfriend To Lead To Doping Violation — Is Her Case Enough To Change Things As Requested By Travis Tygart?

Virginia Fuchs US Olympic Team Boxer Boyfriend

Virginia “Ginny” Fuchs, a US Olympic team boxer, will face no repercussions for having banned substances in her system after the US Anti-Doping Association declared that the 32-year-old was not to blame, as she did not commit the violation knowingly.

The first news of Fuchs breaking the regulations came out in March after the outcome of an earlier doping test determined that the athlete had used illegal substances.

However, following a USADA investigation into the case, it was discovered that the boxer got the substances in her system due to having unprotected sexual intercourse with her boyfriend, who at the time was taking supplements with the substances in question.

Besides, USADA claimed that the amount of the substances in the system of the athlete was corresponding to the explanation about how she was exposed to them in the first place.

According to the CEO of USADA, Travis T. Tygart, the case was reported as a violation solely due to the fact that the World Anti-Doping Code claimed it was necessary.

Tygart also explained that Fuchs failing the doping test should not be treated as a violation, because the case was similar to many others, such as meat contamination or prescription medication contamination.

Furthermore, the CEO of USADA stated that changes to the World Anti-Doping Code needed to be made. He continued with: “We will continue to advocate for changes to the World Anti-Doping Code so that where there is no intent to cheat and no performance benefit, an athlete should not face any violation or unnecessary public attention.”

Meanwhile, the team boxer took to social media to express her relief and gratefulness towards the USADA, stating that the organization had completed an extensive investigation.

She also said in a statement: “I am very relieved that the USADA understood how unique my case was in giving me a “no fault” [ruling] that allows me to resume my career immediately. I had no idea that I could become contaminated by way of intimate contact with another person. I want to thank USA Boxing for believing in me and supporting me throughout these past few difficult months.”

Fuchs is a mental health advocate and has been quite open about her battle with Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

One supporter explained: “It’s very hard to explain the Anxiety and discomfort that arises due to these Compulsions..patience is the key!❤️Good therapy can atleast relieve some degree of anxiety related to OCDs. Goodluck.”

Fuchs is also a big proponent of the Black Lives Movement.


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