President Donald Trump Makes Shocking Confession In New Video: ‘Joe Biden Is Going To Be President’

President Donald Trump Joe Biden Sean Hannity

President Donald Trump, for the very first time, admitted that he would lose the 2020 presidential election against former Vice President Joe Biden.

On Thursday, the former reality TV star sat for a town hall with Fox News host Sean Hannity during a visit to Wisconsin. Trump was rambling and bashing Biden when he confessed that his presidency is more or less over.

Trump revealed that the former VP “is going to be president because some people don’t love me maybe because all I’m doing is my job.”

He went on to bash Biden: “It’s so crazy what’s happening. It’s a guy who doesn’t talk, nobody hears him. Whenever he does talk, he can’t put two sentences together. I don’t want to be nice or un-nice. The man can’t speak. And he is going to be president because some people don’t love me.”

Trump also claimed in the same interview that the protesters who deface monuments and statues are “terrorists.”

He explained: “Every night we’re going to get tougher and tougher, and at some point, there is going to be retribution because there has to be. These people are vandals, but they’re agitators, but they’re really, they’re terrorists in a sense.”

Many were baffled by Trump’s confession, including Joe Scarborough, who has the following theory — Trump is trying to lose the race on purpose.

The Morning Joe host said: “This guy that you and I have known for many years, not only is he is not acting like he doesn’t want to get re-elected, he’s acting like he really wants to lose badly and take the Republican party down with him.”

He continued: “None of this would make sense in the conventional sense. But you look at every single move he’s making. He’s on the 25 percent of a 75/25 issue. And it keeps happening every day. This looks like a deliberate attempt to drive his campaign into the ground every day. He knows what he’s doing is going to lower the poll numbers, and they are. They are collapsing every day.”

Co-host Mika Brzezinski added: “He doesn’t want four more years. That’s clear. You can tell by his behavior. His attitude towards the health of the American people, he doesn’t want to be there.”

Scarborough responded by: “This is not a guy who is acting like he expects to be around on January 21st, 2021, in the White House. And he’s acting like he’s setting everything on fire before he leaves. He’s known when to leave the stage before. … I would not be surprised if he left the stage again.”

Newly-released polls have Trump down double-digits to Biden. Biden is even beating Trump in red states like Texas and Georgia, at the mooment.


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