Because Of Queen Elizabeth, Prince William Had To Make This Painful Sacrifice, And He Now Regrets It

Britain's Queen Elizabeth and Prince William

Details about the British Royal family came to light when the royal expert Simon Vigar recently spoke about the vast and painful sacrifices that Prince William had to make due to being a grandson of Queen Elizabeth II.

According to Vigar, Prince William’s biggest wish was to prove himself as a military man, but he “wasn’t allowed anywhere near the frontline,” because Queen Elizabeth II did not want so.

Even though the Duke of Cambridge got to spend some time in the army and was trained as a helicopter pilot, he could not pursue his dreams, as “the ultimate boss said no because he is second-in-line to the throne.”

Meanwhile, the royal commentator also stated that after Prince William was ordered by his grandmother not to stay in the army, he decided to continue flying, but not in military conditions.

As a result, the Duke of Cambridge “retrained as a search and rescue pilot on Anglesey” and helped save many lives, while flying around the British Isles.

Vigar said this in a documentary called William and Kate: Too Good to be True on Channel 5: “He retrained as a search and rescue pilot on Anglesey. He helped save many, many lives flying that yellow helicopter around the British Isles. So that gave him a meaningful role. And that meant an awful lot to him.”

Expert of the royal family Katie Nicholl explained that the job gave William fulfillment. He was able to enjoy two years of pursuing his career as a helicopter pilot for medical emergencies from 2015 until 2017.

Nicolle stated that the prince used his job to escape the public attention that surrounded him and Catherine around the time of their wedding.

According to Nicolle, the Duke of Cambridge had “those early years of married life out of the spotlight able to pursue his career.”

She continued: “He did have those early years of married life out of the spotlight able to pursue his career. And knowing that in the not too distant future his life and Catherine’s life would be a life of royal duty for the rest of their lives.”

Prince William regrets not having his dream career and plans to go back to being a helicopter pilot to help the many medical experts saving lives in England during the coronavirus pandemic.

William was also able to find joy in unexpected places like raising his children with Kate as he is being called “shadow king” because of his great presence in the media after the COVID-19 pandemic started.


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