Burger King Employee Reportedly Pulled A Gun On A Customer Over Wrong Order Complaint

Oderrial Moore-Williams Burger King Customer Gun Memphis

A 38-year-old Burger King employee was taken into custody for holding a customer at gunpoint because the client supposedly expressed dissatisfaction with the service as there were mistakes in her order.

According to the unnamed customer, she was threatened by Oderrial Moore-Williams, who was covering her shift behind the counter of the fast-food restaurant located in the 2300 block of Deadrick Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee.

The client ordered what she wanted via the drive-thru before going inside the food establishment to complain that there was something wrong with her food.

However, when she got inside the eatery and voiced her complaint, Moore-Williams allegedly started shouting and cursing at her, before showing the weapon and targeting the shocked woman.

Following the altercation, the employee of the popular fast-food chain reportedly hid the firearm in a sack and gave it over to an unnamed man, who had parked his vehicle next to the restaurant.

The incident resulted in Moore-Williams being arrested by the police officers that came to the scene. The client’s story was backed by a witness who confirmed what happened.

Customer Sylvester Chillis told local media: “Lord have mercy. There’s a way to handle things, and I think that management or somebody above management needs to go, just sort of screen their workers to make sure that they know how to handle things.”

One employee, Germany Parker, revealed another side of the story: “We were still on the inside. She came back in the inside starting stuff, kept talking. And my boss asked her to leave. She would not leave.”

The unfortunate event was also addressed by a representative for Burger King, who claimed that the safety and security of every one were extremely valued by the fast-food chain and were taken very seriously.

The spokesman further stated that this type of behavior did not reflect the expectations for restaurants of the franchise, and Burger King was in full cooperation with police authorities. The exposed worker was not working for the food chain anymore.

The statement read: “We take the safety and security of everyone at our restaurants very seriously. This behavior does not reflect our expectations for Burger King restaurants. The franchisee is fully cooperating with the authorities and has terminated the employee.”

Because of her actions, besides the arrest, Moore-Williams will also face charges for aggravated assault.


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