Queen Elizabeth Refused To Interfere When Prince Harry And Prince William Were Fighting For This Shocking Reason Amid Reports That A Reunion Between Princess Diana’s Sons Has Been Canceled

The Queen Prince William Harry Feud

Now that the split and feud between royal brothers Prince William and Prince Harry has been cemented with the move to California, many are wondering, how does the Queen feel about the messy situation?

Queen Elizabeth II had a front-row seat to the countless drama and fights between Prince Charles‘s sons who could not agree on money and the level of access they should give to the public.

The world watched with sadness as Prince William and Prince Harry divide their foundations. The feud eventually spilled to Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, who went out of their way to keep events and family gatherings separate to avoid crossing paths with each other.

According to royal expert Ingrid Seward, the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom was fully aware of what was going on behind the scene, and it broke her heart.

The royal author told The Sun that the Queen eventually moved from sadness to not caring about drama, and therefore, she never interfered nor attempted to help the brothers make peace.

Seward claimed: “Her Majesty does not care for the alleged feuding amongst her grandchildren William and Harry. That would make her very sad. But she would never interfere with their lives.”

Juliet Rieden, the author of The Royals in Australia, shared her thoughts on when the brothers realized that they could no longer stand each other and took the first step for a definitive separation.

Rieden explained: “This is Prince Harry and Prince William going their separate way with their wives – they’re almost setting up two separate courts. It did surprise me because back in February 2018 we had that wonderful Fab 4 on stage, doing wonderful things. A whole brave new world for the Royal Family.”

Rieden went on to say: “We’d never seen this sort of presentation, it was almost like a brand presentation. We’ve never seen that sort of thing before so it felt like this was going to be the way forward.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were supposed to fly from California to England this summer, and many hoped for a possible reunion with Prince William — but the trip has been canceled because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The power couple is focused on building their own empire in America with ventures in acting and the speaking circuit. They have already linked to people like former first lady Michelle Obama to reach new markets.


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