Joe Biden Gives Big Clue About Who His VP Pick Is In Interview With Joy Reid On MSNBC’s ‘The ReidOut’

Joe Biden Kamala Harris Vice President

Joe Biden will nominate his vice president in the upcoming weeks and before the Democratic convention that will start on August 17 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. People are anxiously waiting to see which woman he will choose to help him in the battle against President Donald Trump and VP Mike Pence in November.

According to the latest reports, the former vice president will make his selection public around August 15. Six women are still reportedly in the running for the second spot on the Democratic ticket.

Sen. Kamala Harris, former National Security Advisor Susan Rice, Sen. Tammy Duckworth, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, Rep. Karen Bass, and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer are reportedly at the top of Biden’s VP list.

During an appearance on MSNBC’s The ReidOut with Joy Reid Monday night, Biden said a few things that have people thinking that the early favorite, Kamala Harris, from California has a nice chance of being selected.

When asked if he intended to choose a Black woman, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president stated: “I am not committed to naming anyone but the people I’ve named, among them there are four black women.”

Biden continued: “So it is important that my administration, I promise you, will look like America. Both from the vice president, to the Supreme Court, to cabinet positions, to every major position int the White House. It’s going to look like America. It’s critically important that be the case. I can guarantee you that.”

The politician then explained: “There’s a two-hour vetting report from the lawyers and women and men of color, as well as white folks, that are doing the vetting. And we’ve gone through four candidates so far in a two-hour vetting. And then when I get all the vetting done of all candidates, then I’m going to narrow the list, and then we’ll see – and then I’m going to have personal discussions with each of the candidates who are left.”

The friend of former President Barack Obama also covered his unique relationship with Black women and added: “And by the way, black women have supported me my entire career. You all act like suddenly there was an epiphany in South Carolina. And so they are the ones, as that old saying goes, that brought me to the dance. I have been loyal; they have been loyal to me.”

Some observers say Harris really “looks like America,” and that is why they believe she is the favorite for the job more than ever.


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