Amanda Gorman The Hill We Climb Transcript Inauguration Video

Amanda Gorman Captures A Nation’s Imagination With ‘The Hill We Climb’ As She Reveals Big Plans For The Future

Amanda Gorman has captured the attention of millions when she recited a poem during President Joe Biden‘s inauguration on Wednesday. The 22-year-old Harvard graduate made history when First Lady Jill Biden asked... Read more »
Brian Sicknick Pro-Trump Riot Barack Obama Inauguration

Brian Sicknick, Pro-Trump Cop Killed By Mob, Started Working During Obama 2009 Inauguration — Howard Liebengood, Another Capitol Police Officer, Has Committed Suicide After The Riot

Brian Sicknick, a police officer, has died following the riots on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, January 6th. A second U.S. Capitol Police officer has committed suicide three days after the violent chaos.... Read more »
Joe Biden President Donald Trump Twitter Account

Joe Biden’s Team Goes To War With Twitter Over Accounts President Donald Trump Inherited

It seems that President Donald Trump and President-elect Joe Biden might have one common enemy — Twitter. During his tumultuous four years as the leader of the free world, President Trump had... Read more »
Leah Remini President Donald Trump Joe Biden Unity Van Jones

Leah Remini Has United Supporters Of Donald Trump And Joe Biden With These Words

A few words from Leah Remini has made the impossible possible — unite supporters of President Donald Trump and President-elect Joe Biden. Remini is often in the media sharing her experience as... Read more »
Beyonce Joe Biden Kamala Harris Photos Younger

Beyoncé Has Fans Going Wild Over Picture Of Young Joe Biden Looking Handsome

Leave it to Beyoncé to find rare pictures of celebrities making headlines. The singer congratulated President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris via her popular Instagram page. Beyoncé picked a photo... Read more »
50 Cent Chelsea Handler President Donald Trump Joe Biden Vote

Chelsea Handler Offers Her Ex-Boyfriend, 50 Cent, Something He Cannot Refuse To Dump President Donald Trump

All it took for 50 Cent to dump President Donald Trump was a little natural seduction from his ex-girlfriend, Chelsea Handler. The rapper, born Curtis James Jackson III, recently caused a frenzy... Read more »
Jennifer Aniston Kanye West Kim Kardashian Vote Joe Biden

Kim Kardashian Will Not Like Jennifer Aniston’s Latest Comments After Going Through This Scary Experience With Kanye West

This week, actress Jennifer Aniston took to social media to share a post about the importance of voting. The Friends star also took a swipe at Kim Kardashian‘s husband, Kanye West, while... Read more »
Melania President Donald Joe Biden Debate

Melania Trump Delighted Democrats By Doing This To President Donald Trump At Final Presidential Debate Against Joe Biden

Melania Trump has become an expert at slapping and pulling away from her husband’s hands, and at the final presidential debate, she did it again. After a heated second presidential debate between... Read more »
Michelle Obama Joe Biden President Donald Trump

Michelle Obama Almost Did Not Release This Viral Video But President Donald Trump’s Latest Moves Made Her Change Her Mind

Former First Lady Michelle Obama tore President Donald Trump into shreds in a new video where she spoke directly to the American people about the importance of the presidential election. The pro-Joe... Read more »
Tucker Carlson President Donald Trump Joe Biden Debate Senile Charge

President Donald Trump’s Supporter, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Reveals His Biggest Mistake In New Video

Political commentators and journalists are still dissecting that chaotic and blood-turning presidential debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. Tuesday night, Trump and Biden clashed in the first... Read more »
Jill Biden CNN Jake Tapper Interview Joe President Donald Trump

In Viral Video, Jill Biden Gives A Master Class About What Is At Stake In The 2020 Presidential Election

It is never a good idea to try a gotcha question with a presidential candidate’s wife, especially when that spouse is Dr. Jill Biden who happens to hold a bachelor’s, a master’s... Read more »
President Donald Trump Michael Bloomberg Florida

President Donald Trump Might Be Forced To Spend His Own Money To Compete Against Joe Biden After A Billionaire Nemesis Did This, Months After POTUS’ Net Worth Took A Massive Hit

The 2020 presidential election just got a bit more competitive, which implies that President Donald Trump might have to burn a hole in his pocket. For months, many were wondering — will... Read more »