Kim Kardashian Is Being Blamed After Kanye West Alluded To Her Leaked Video And Possible Divorce In Twitter Rant Following South Carolina Rally Meltdown

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Kim Kardashian is being blamed along with her family for the current meltdown of her husband, rap mogul Kanye West. The reality TV icon has remained silent in the face of West’s latest mental breakdown.

It all started three weeks ago when West announced that he is running for president against Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Initially, many observers did not take his statement seriously and thought he was just doing this to promote his next album, Donda.

However, West was able to get on the presidential ballot in Oklahoma and then revealed that he was holding his first rally as a candidate in South Carolina. All of this came after one of his representatives said that he had changed his mind about running for the highest office in the land.

The South Carolina rally came, and it was nothing like people expected. West barely talked about his plans for a country that is dealing with a pandemic. Instead, he bragged about his wealth, revealed that he and his wife thought about aborting their first child, North West, and he claimed that American icon Harriet Tubman did not really help free slaves and instead sent them to work for other white families in the North.

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If this was not enough drama to fit in one entire season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, West failed to make the ballot in South Carolina. But, his name will appear in Illinois.

The controversial artist then took to social media to say some strange things about his wife, children, and in-laws, including the fact that they were all attempting to lock him up. West even revealed that Kardashian was trying to get to the state of Wyoming with a doctor to take care of his issues. He also said that the horror movie Get Out was based on his life.

Somehow, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lawrence, and Drake were all mentioned in his latest rant. Some supporters are wondering if he is thinking about the two actresses to replace his wife in case they get a divorce in the future.

West eventually deleted his most problematic tweets and explained he was focusing on his music now. At this point, no one knows if his foray in politics is over or if there will be more twists and turns before the November presidential election.

Many people agree on one thing, West, who revealed a few years ago that he is bipolar, needs help to deal with some of his apparent problems. A few voices did say that while living under intense scrutiny with his wife probably made things worse, Kardashian is in no way responsible for his mental issues.

One fan stated: “Kim is dealing with the most. The definition of strength is being able to stay with someone in Kanye’s situation. The woman is dealing with the most, I pray for her own mental health.”

A critic replied: “Honestly Kim can’t handle Kanye no disrespect but Kanye needs a black woman by his side to understand the deep struggles he goes thru like losing his mama. He needs a strong black woman who can relate to his life period.”

West is going through some personal issues, but his episodes are only being debated through political, racial, and entertainment lenses. The human aspect is slightly neglected.


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