Kassidi Kurill, Utah Mom, Who Died Four Days After Second Dose Of Moderna COVID Vaccine, Had No Underlying Conditions

Kassidi Kurill Utah Mom Moderna Vaccine COVID

A family in Utah is devastated by the death of Kassidi Kurill. The 39-year-old woman from Utah died just days after receiving her second dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.

According to the woman’s relatives, she was healthy and handled the first jab very well, but things quickly took a turn for the worse after getting injected with the vaccine.

Kassidi Kurill’s father, Alfred Hawley, spoke to the media and revealed that she had to receive the shot because she worked as a surgical tech for several plastic surgeons.

A few weeks ago, the mother of one from Ogden complained of a sore arm after the first jab of Moderna but did not disclose any other side effects.

On February 1st, Kassidi Kurill received the second Moderna COVID-19 vaccination and immediately told her family that she needed to go to the hospital because she felt ill and started vomiting.

The mourning father explained that his daughter had no underlying medical conditions and added: “She was absolutely fine with getting it. In fact, she told all of us, ‘It’s fine, you guys should all get it. She came in early and said her heart was racing, and she felt like she needed to get to the emergency room.”

Upon arriving at the ER, Hawley, a retired fighter pilot, explained to the doctors that Kurill had recently gotten the jab.

The medical experts ran several tests and came back with some devastating news. He shared: “They did a blood test and immediately came back and said she was very, very sick, and her liver was not functioning.”

Kurill’s older sister, Kristin, rapidly took a plane from Arizona to Utah and was shocked by how fast her health deteriorated.

Kristin was not allowed to see her sister due to coronavirus protocols in place. Kassidi Kurill was rushed to Intermountain Medical Center in Murray, a trauma center, because her liver was failing.

When her parents learned that she needed a transplant to live, they offered to donate a portion of their livers. However, in a matter of minutes, Kassidi Kurill’s kidneys and heart shut down.

Dr. Erik Christensen, the chief medical examiner for Utah’s Health Department, spoke to the media and said there are no links between Kassidi Kurill’s vaccine dose and her death.

He stated: “We don’t have any evidence that there are connections between the vaccines and deaths at this point. We don’t have any indication of that.”

Christensen went on to share: “Certainly, there are side effects of a vaccine that are directly linkable to the vaccine and what’s going on in your body. You know, the pain in the arm … the fever-like symptoms related to your immune response to what was put into you. Those kinds of things clearly happen.”

Kassidi Kurill leaves behind a daughter, Emilia, 9.


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