Rasheeda Frost Is Brutally Reminded Of Kirk’s Affair With Jasmine Washington After Posting This Seductive Video — Cardi B Helps Her Out

Rasheeda Frost Kirk Dancing Video

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars Rasheeda Frost and her husband, Kirk Frost, have been married for over 20 years, and despite their countless twists involving former mistress Jasmine Washington, the pair seems to be going strong.

This week, the femcee posted what was supposed to be a sweet video confirming that her marriage is solid, and she is more than able of making Kirk go wild with her killer curves and vixen ways.

Rasheeda shared a video where she is singing her own song, “Marry Me,” and bragging about being married to Kirk.
Cardi B also shared a similar video twerking to pictures of Offset while singing “Marry Me.”

She performed a little choreography with her step-children and eventually jumped on Kirk and grinded on him. Fans ridiculed Rasheeda because Kirk seemed like he did not care about her attempt to seduce him.

Kirk was busy on his phone while his wife did the sultry number.

Many fans told Rasheeda that she is wasting her time with Kirk, who cheated on her and had a baby with Jasmine.

An Instagrammer wrote this comment: “Lol he is so funny不不 he be acting you work his nerves不不不Peeped how he texting somebody else thoShe’s so proud to be married to a man who ain’t shyt to her !!! He had a whole baby!! If embarrassing is a person it be her.”

This social media user decided to zip it instead of saying something mean. The person revealed: “I would say something, but she just read me the other day outside her restaurant (that I didn’t eat at) for being shady, so imma keep my comment to myself don’t wanna disrespect my elders. 不”

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The mother of two was told to start the divorce process again, and this critic added: “They said Rasheeda, please, we are going through enough 唐唐唐胛irk is looking so uninterested Kirk doesn’t deserve her. He always acts like he’s not in love or not feeling her. Rasheeda, you are terrific.”

Kirk and Rasheeda were compared to Jada Pinkett and Will Smith‘s entanglement with this note: “Rasheeda stop trying to make us accept him. We don’t like him. But he lets ANYONE put it on him while married. Even got a son. Kirk is for the STREETZ.”

Another jokester shared: “Meanwhile, Kirk is setting up an entanglement elsewhere…after his baby mama drama. We are NOT condoning in this type of behavior, ms .ma’am.”

Rasheeda and Kirk seem happy, so critics should root for them, say their backers.


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