50 Cent ‘Cancels’ His Girlfriend, Cuban Link (Jamira Haines), Because Of These Racy Bikini Photos With Female Friends — She Answers The ‘Power’ Star

Cuban Link 50 Cent Joke About Social Distancing

Being holed up in a mansion with 50 Cent seems too much for his own girlfriend, Cuban Link, whose real name is Jamira Haines.

The rapper and star of the franchise Power recently took to social media where he irked fans, and rubbed his lady love the wrong way.

50 Cent posted a few photos where Cuban Link is wearing a stunning blue bikini and having fun in a pool with a few female friends.

The future lawyer looked happy to be getting her tan on while relaxing in the water. Cuban Link showed off her impressive figure while flashing the famous peace sign.


50 Cent was not happy that the fitness enthusiast decided to forget the social distancing rules to have fun with her pals, so he put her blast.

The rap mogul told Cuban Link this: “But what is she doing outside the coronavirus is not gone, 🤔this is not social distancing wait till the New York POST sees this @_cuban_link is canceled. LOL #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi”


She was quick to answer the New York MC with this message: “.. baby whose side are you on 🤨😂.”

Hundreds of fans were quick to show support for Cuban Link and bashed 50 Cent for being too controlling.

A harsh comment towards the businessman said: “You better chill. You don’t want 50 putting you on blast like that. Fiff wants him some Carmel now. He had his Asian persuasion fix already.”

50 Cent was even called a hater by this follower: “You’re starting to become a hater 50. 50 canceling his girl…. he’s sleeping downstairs. Can 50 swim. Get him on a flamingo.”


When Cuban Link is not putting her epic figure on display or working on her diplomas, she is hard at work pushing positivity to her fans.

She recently wrote this uplifting message: “Everything will work out exactly how and when it’s supposed to if you allow the faith in your journey to be stronger than your doubts and fears! Be patient with yourself and your growth, knowing that (good things always take time). Give yourself time and space to try things and explore different paths. You’ll get there one day. Just enjoy the journey!”

While many say that the G-Unit founder talks too much and often behaves like the ultimate troll, his comments were probably an elaborate joke with the full backing of his partner.

Some couples have an interesting dynamic that may appear bizarre to people on the outside.


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