Leaked Private Messages That T.I. Wrote To Daughter Deyjah Harris Reveal The Status Of Their Relationship After The Virginity Scandal

Deyjah Harris T.I. Domani Private Messages Leaked

Rapper T.I. has decided to leak a series of private text messages between himself and his daughter, Deyjah Harris, to give the world what it has been wondering about — the status of their relationship.

Tiny Harris‘s husband took the surprising decision to share the intimate details about their exchanges after The Shade Room reposted a series of tweets that his daughter had posted.

The famous celebrity website and Instagram page may have inaccurately assumed that Deyjah was using the tweets to still go after T.I. because she was still angry after he spoke publicly about her virginity and OBGYN visits.

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untouchable but you feel this💋

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Deyjah had this exchange with a fan, who was talking about Asian culture when she explained the following: “Watch how you speak to your children. I don’t care how old they are, and they still deserve the same respect that you expect in return.”

She went on to say: “I still love you .. but from a distance. not because I don’t care about you, but more so for the sake of my own well-being and inner peace.”

The young woman continued: “Yes, I know exactly what you mean and I hate that …. but the good thing about this generation is that we will all be much better parents and know what to do/say or what NOT to do/say to our children, no matter what age they are.”

T.I. was not pleased by the fact that his daughter’s messages had been reposted, so he expeditiously addressed the matter.

The reality TV star wrote: “@theshaderoom Y’all reaching. Every adult felt this way as an adolescent at some point in life. Only difference here is…she’s TI’s daughter. Let he LIVE Cuzz…. she finding her place in the world & doesn’t deserve to be under the microscope every step of the way. I can handle that pressure & I welcome it, so apply it to ME… leave her tf ALONE, please. Sincerely, A loving Father.”

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Ok….I spoke to my baby @princess_of_da_south & the rest of the Harris Clan in our family group chat about the @theshaderoom's re-post of my baby's tweet. So since our very public mishap (we comically refer to as"hymengate"🤦🏽‍♂️) @theshaderoom reposts all my baby girl's tweets and IG posts and casually insinuates or assumes she's referring to me. We usually just dismiss it or laugh it off cause only WE KNOW WHATS UP WIT US‼️ But this time my baby expresses aggravation to us about it so with her permission I'm sharing our exchange. FYI Deyjah Pooh is obviously Deyjah, Money Man is my son @domani (he's been saved in my phone as that since he first got his phone at 9-10yrs old😂)…& my msgs are in blue. I'm sharing this with you all in hope of creating context that will redirect the agendas & intentions of @theshaderoom and their followers when they think of me&my baby girls relationship. That shit still on YALL MINDS… WE MOVED ON LONG AGO… Hopefully now you can too. Love and Respect ✊🏽

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To put an end to the long awkward conversation about hymengate, T.I. published an exchange between himself and his two children — Deyjah and Domani Harris.

In the messages, Deyjah said she is not a celebrity, and she should have the right to share her thoughts without being scrutinized.

Domani reminded her that she is the daughter of a famous man and that her words and actions will be dissected. The discussion concluded with T.I.P. showing love for his daughter and reassuring how to the best of his ability.


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