These Videos Of Will Smith With This Stunning Young Actress Have Fans Saying That Jada Pinkett Smith Was Right To ‘Cheat’ With August Alsina

Jada Pinkett Smith Will Liza Koshy

Will Smith may be in another entanglement with his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, as he seems, as the latest gossip surrounding the 51-year-old Men in Black star suggest that he is having an affair with an actress that is 27 years younger than him.

Lately, the rumor mill has been going on about the alleged relationship between the popular Bad Boys actor and his colleague, Elizabeth Koshy, also known as Liza Koshy, who reportedly was very attracted to Will’s fame and wealth and was often seen in his company.

According to some people allegedly close to the actor, he preferred to spend more time with Liza than with his spouse, who had an affair with R&B artist August Alsina or even his children.

Furthermore, the young Boo! A Madea Halloween actress suddenly ended her relationship and became single so that she could allegedly be “traveling the world and making videos with sugar daddy Will.”

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She previously dated Youtuber David DobrikAlso for two years between 2015 and 2017. The breakup was made official in June 2018. Also, many speculated that Liza’s career has taken off because of Will’s undeniable influence in Hollywood.

The theories about the alleged romance have been further solidified by the fact that the two actors interacted on social media regularly, while so far, Jada’s made no visible effort to behave friendly toward her younger colleague.

The inexplicable friendship between Will and Liza supposedly began when he approved her for a role in the Netflix hit Gemini Man. However, she was eventually let go from the production due to her unsatisfactory performance.

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Meanwhile, Jada recently confessed that she did indeed sleep with chatty music crooner August while she was having marital problems with her husband.

The actress and host revealed: “It became a different kind of entanglement. Yes, it was a relationship. Absolutely. I was in a lot of pain. I was very broken. Now, in the process of that relationship, I realize that you can’t find happiness outside of yourself. … I would say we did everything that we could to get away from each other, only to realize that that wasn’t possible.”

After Jada confessed to Will, rapper Lil Wayne sat down with August on Young Money Radio, where the two artists revisited the epic scandal.

August concluded by saying this about Jada: “I will always have love for her as a person. The experience did help to transform me and bring out the king in me.”

Will and Jada’s entanglements might now have an extra layer.


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