Kandi Burruss’s Daughter, Riley, Seems To Debut Nose Job In New Video — Some ‘RHOA’ Fans Are Sad Because She Is Unrecognizable

Kandi Burruss Riley's Nose Job Rumor

Riley Burruss, the future attorney who is the teenage daughter of Kandi Burruss, is accused of having a secret nose job while in quarantine due to the coronavirus.

Via social media, Riley shared a sweet video where she is dancing with her mother. Riley, who recently cut all her hair, debuted a new hairstyle, and fans agreed that she looked gorgeous.

Real Housewives of Atlanta supporter were finally happy to see Riley’s face because, for the past weeks, she was wearing a mask in all her photos. Those same fans were surprised and saddened that Riley no longer looks like Kandi or her baby brother, Ace Tucker, because of her new nose.

Some backers say that Riely is using makeup/contouring; that is why she looks so different. Fans of the college student and the Xscape singer have been having a lengthy debate about the plastic surgery rumor.

This Instagrammer said the teen was unrecognizable in the video and added: “I didn’t recognize her at all. She definitely does look different, and it seems like she got her nose done or something. I really hope she didn’t get her nose don’t after all that talk about being natural.”

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Today was a good day! #FamilyTime

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This woman said to leave Riley alone because she is merely having fun with her makeup, and she has the right to do so. The backer wrote in the comment section: “It’s the makeup slightly changing the shape of her nose 😩 it happens to me depending on how I contour. It’s called makeup everyone don’t get surgery. ”

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The “B” to my R&B #girlsclub

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Riley was reminded that she was beautiful before the alleged cosmetic surgery by the person who wrote: “Ugh, so when did Riley get plastic surgery on her nose. What was wrong with it before? Gurl nawl it is not you. She got her Nose done that isn’t any makeup.”

A critic brought up the mask theory with this comment: “Definitely a nose job. Remember all the family pics where she was the only one in a mask? This is why. I didn’t even realize it was her, but she looks cute. 😍”

Riley somehow made this fan laugh. She wrote underneath the video: “I had to bring my phone close to my face cause I was like that don’t look like Riley. 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂 I thought it was Kandi homegirl or sumn I had to double back on the caption it’s a nose job, you can see inside her nose, makeup doesn’t do that, now she doesn’t even look like kandi no more.”

Some people say social media should give Riley enough room to grow.


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