The Future Queen Of The Netherlands Is Shamed Over These Photos; Angry Royal Fans Defend Her

Princess Amalia Plus Sized Caras

The Spanish magazine Caras, which mainly deals with celebrity rumors and similar stories, has recently found itself in an awkward spot after describing Princess Amalia, the daughter of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, as “plus-sized” in an edition that had her on the cover.

Many have criticized the publication for its dangerous use of words, which some have argued could have negative repercussions on young girls’ mindset.

There has been no response from the Dutch royal family, though the situation is not expected to provoke one in the first place.

Nevertheless, many Internet users and various critics have taken it upon themselves to share their displeasure over how the publication used its words to hurt the future queen.

A royal fan slammed the publication with this comment: “Absolutely horrific to shame a child for her weight. It’s not right to shame anyone for their weight, but SHE IS A CHILD.”

The heir apparent to the throne of the Kingdom of the Netherlands received these words of encouragement that read: “She’s is not a woman yet; she still a child. One must not comment on her size. People act like bigger people don’t feel pain. Believe me, they do. I am sure she’s healthy, and her parents are doing what is best for her.”

A social media user reached out to Princess Catharina-Amalia and said: “The girl is gorgeous, and with values, ​​I do not doubt it, the magazine made a mistake is to classify her as Plus Size because that does not define her, there are many other things about her that stand out. But I also advocate being healthy, and in due time she will become aware of then and will want to slim down without being pressured. Being overweight (which is not her case ) is not good it is a matter of being healthy!”

The story has been picking up in popularity online quite fast since the edition came out on the market.

The magazine attempted to turn the story around, claiming that their goal was not to shame anyone or make anyone feel uncomfortable about their body, quite the opposite –– they were trying to deal with the common issues of the various stigmas that have been going around in society regarding body image.

Not everyone seems to have bought the explanation, though, as the controversy has continued to climb in popularity ever since.

At this point, it is very likely that the magazine is going to refrain from making any comments in that direction for quite some time in the future, although it is also possible that they will attempt to dig into the situation even more deeply.

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Amalia tiene 16 años, va al colegio, habla 3 idiomas, practica judo, hockey y equitación. Asumen su rol de manera amigable y responsable siendo una adolescente. En el verano trabajó como camarera en un bar. Es la heredera de una de las fortunas más grandes del mundo y va a ser la Reina de Holanda. Hace trabajo activo en contra del bullying. Ah, pero nada alcanza pues #gordofobia y ya, su cuerpo no hegemónico, opaca todo lo bueno y destacable que tiene esta piba, que ya bastante sufre con el ataque permanente en redes. Horrible, irresponsable y repudiable tapa de @revistacaras Contra esto también luchamos ✊🏼💚 #amalia #revistacaras #plussize #gordoodio #princessamalia #princess #queenmaxima #netherlands #realeza #royals

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