Prince William And Kate Middleton Might Forever Regret This Decision They Made For Prince George

Prince William Kate Middleton George Throne

The situation in the British royal family has always been fascinating. And the subtle social politics, rules, and protocols that exist add to the curiosity of those on the outside of the monarchy.

There is still a lot of speculation on the table regarding Prince George — the oldest son of Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William — when he ascends the throne, even though his coronation is many years away.

One point that keeps getting brought up, in particular, is that when the Prince does make it to the throne, there is no guarantee that he would be King George.

The reason is that there have been six kings in the British monarchy with the name of George.

So Kate Middleton‘s firstborn might have the hassle of changing his name when he becomes king of the United Kingdom and 15 other Commonwealth realms.

Reports indicate that the royal family has a tradition according to which its kings and queens can choose their own royal name when ascending the throne, so it is not set in stone that Prince George would retain the name given to him by his parents when he becomes King one day.

Some royal fans love the tradition, while others say, Kate and William should have thought about the matter when they were picking a name for their oldest child.

Others point to the fact that it is a bit sad for George to get a new name while Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will keep the ones given to them at birth.

Of course, no one knows what George will do when the time comes.

The royal family’s members seem to be doing their best to avoid the huge spotlight and have not commented on the topic.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, they have generally been reluctant to make any significant public statements on matters such as the future of the throne.

Which, for the time being, seems to be a very valid strategy, all things considered.

Recently, fans were delighted with a few sweet photos of George who was celebrating his birthday, which prompted this reaction: “He’ll be a pilot in the RAF before we know it. Happy birthday Prince George. You are a handsome young man! Wishing you the very best today and always.”

The young prince still has time to think about these things since his grandfather, Prince Charles, and father are the two in line to take over when Queen Elizabeth II steps down.


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