Cuban Link, AKA Jamira Haines, Addresses Rumors She Split From 50 Cent While Flaunting Her Perfect Body In These Photos

Cuban Link AKA Jamira Haines 50 Cent Did Not Break Up

50 Cent and his girlfriend, Cuban Link, have kept the rumor mill running, as a lot of reports suggest that the rapper’s relationship might be in trouble.

The first theories about the potential breakup started circulating when it was reported that Cuban Link did not live in the rapper’s apartment anymore. She had returned to her place and was spending some time with her relatives.

The fitness instructor and aspiring law student, whose real name is Jamira Haines, recently raised the public’s suspicion as she removed most of the pictures that included the rapper from her Instagram page.

However, 50’s latest social media joke proved the ongoing rumors wrong, as he targeted Cuban Link for the troll.

The “In da Club” artist updated his Instagram profile with a new video that showed a woman hanging from the outside of a car’s door, while the male driver starts the engine and sets off.

Comparing the woman from the video clip with Cuban Link, 50 Cent captioned his post with the words “if you don’t get off my car @_cuban_link I’m telling ya mother” and concluded with “cut it out, right now! LOL.”

More than a million people quickly viewed the post, and a lot of Instagram users commented with laughing emojis.

As a result, many fans concluded that if the rapper, who is notorious for his online trolling, continued to joke with Cuban Link in such a manner, they probably were still together since the law student and 50 Cent often jested with each other on social media.

Cuban Link also posted a sizzling photo and confirmed that she is still dating 50 Cent. She wrote: “I’m who he belongs to! Are you dummmbbbb ??? 🤣”

A supporter had this question for the future attorney: “Is this your response to the breakup rumors🐐🔥.”

Cuban Link had a follower who asked: “They broke up already?!?! These guys will never be loyal, honey.”

A fan of the couple had this theory: “Probably not he’s older now and not that sought after. Ppl are reading into. Still together. Time 4 him to settle on down. The caption clearly states they still together & 2. You are aware they have been together for a year, right.”

This person, who believes that the pair did not split, made this comment: “50 never unfollowed her & hasn’t deleted any of the posts of her that were on his page. Do you people do any research before going around spreading incorrect info? This is basic sh*t that takes a few seconds to look up.”

Cuban Link and 50 Cent seem to enjoy themselves.


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