New Photos Of Rihanna With Bruised Face And Black Eye Sent Fans Into Panic Mode — Chris Brown’s Supporters Get Defensive

Rihanna Bruised Up Again Chris Brown Oprah Winfrey

Rihanna has fans concerned after several pictures surfaced with her face bruised up — the singer even has a black eye and a large cut on her forehead.

Many of her supporters were having nightmares reliving the Chris Brown incident that took place in 2009.

On Friday, the makeup mogul was hanging out with her staff near a restaurant when she decided to remove her sunglasses as she was getting ready to eat.

The handful of paparazzi nearby took several photos of the diva, and they landed on TMZ. Supporters went into a panic mode after seeing the state of Rihanna’s face.

It was later revealed she had an accident while riding an electric scooter.

Her rep said that a few days ago, Rihanna was on an e-scooter, and it flipped over, hitting her hard in the face and forehead. While her face is still swollen, her rep stated that she is making a speedy recovery.

Fans are defending Brown. A social media user said: “Don’t bother with the Chris brown jokes. hope she feels better. ❤️”

A critic brought Brown’s name into the conversation by saying: “When did Chris Brown change his name to e-scooter? I’m so out of touch these days.”

A supporter of Rihanna shared this message: “Out here riding scooters when you need to be in the studio😭 its a sign.. love you, girl. Hope you okay❤️❤️. hope she okay🥺♥️.”

This conspiracy theorist claimed that Rihanna is hiding something and added: “It doesn’t look right either… she would be grazed, not bruised. This is not sitting well with me. This looks like Another fight covering up the story. Something doesn’t sound right.”

It is rather odd that the new photos of a bruised up Rihanna surfaced the same week Oprah Winfrey caused chaos by uploading the 2012 interview that they did together, where she spoke about still loving Brown after he assaulted her and left her on the side of the road.

A source close to Brown said he was surprised by what Oprah did and added: “Chris wasn’t aware that the podcast was released again, but he has no plans of reaching out to Rihanna about it regardless. He’s focused on his own thing and attempting to move on. He is also sure she’s doing her own thing and wouldn’t want to bother her.”

The insider continued: “Their paths haven’t really crossed as of late. He has become a father and has had many relationships since the interview and since they have dated. And people have to know that what happened between them was in 2009. Chris has changed. He’s happy that they’ve both achieved the level of success in their lives that they have both professionally and personally and that they can be friends. He always wishes her the best in life, and there’s really nothing more to it. He can’t imagine that they will ever be together romantically again. It would be too much for both of them, and he is OK with that being the case.”

Time will tell if there is more to this Rihanna story.


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