Model Arrested Over These Inappropriate Photos, Fans Defend Her Killer Curves

Salma El-Shimy Egypt Arrest With Photographer Hossam Muhammed

Egypt is known for being quite strict with its laws regarding certain things, so only a few were surprised to hear that prominent model Salma El-Shimy had been arrested over a photo session that took place in a major archeological site.

The famous Instagram model had decided to dress up as an ancient Egyptian, which has reportedly sparked outrage among officials following her profile.

The simple white strapless dress was deemed inappropriate by officials at the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, possibly because the influencer is curvy with an impressive bust size.

It is not clear if the incident was explicitly reported to the government or if she had been followed by officials who happened to notice her behavior.

The government has stood behind its actions, claiming that they are not going to make any exceptions for anyone who shows disrespect to their ancient sites and artifacts.

The Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Mostafa Waziri, warned that “anyone who shows negligence when it comes to antiquities or our unique Egyptian civilization will be punished.”

El-Shimy’s photographer, Hossam Muhammed, who was also arrested, defended her by saying that if she had a different body type, the scandal would not have occurred.

He also stated that if he was aware that the model did not obtain the proper permit for the photoshoot, he would not have taken part in it.

The harsh attitude towards those violating similar laws was already a known factor from beforehand, but the situation still provoked a lot of discussions online, with many people wondering if the government might be going a bit too far.

In any case, later reports indicated that Salma El-Shimy had been released on bail, though her exact status in the eye of the law is not yet certain.

It is entirely possible that she might face further repercussions for her actions, despite the large outcry that the incident has produced.

Many of her followers were quick to express their support and to condemn the government for its actions, though it does not seem entirely plausible that this will have any impact on swaying their decision one way or another, given previous historical precedents.

One commenter stated: “A classy woman, you have a broad chest that accepts all constructive criticisms, and you have a large background of culture and philosophy. Good luck.”

Despite the drama, El-Shimy has posted the pictures on Instagram, and they have gone viral.


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