Annoyed Ayesha Curry Hits Back At Critic Over This ‘Cringeworthy’ Video

Ayesha Curry Claps Back At Critic Over Nails

Ayesha Curry is a busy woman with several businesses to run and a family to hold down, but she still finds the time to clap back at those who criticize her for the littlest of things.

The Hannah Montana actress recently took to social media, and she shared a few photos with a video where she is wearing almost no makeup other than a bit of mascara that she is promoting.

The wife of Stephen Curry looked like a happy teenager, and she flashed a giant smile while sitting in what seems to be a restaurant.

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Family walks 🖤

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The cookbook author used the caption to boast about the virtue of the beauty product. The television personality also filmed a brief video to better show off the product.

Ayesha, a mom of three — Riley, Ryan, and Canon — was praised by many for her youthful looks, but a critic went after her and called her nails cringeworthy.

The naysayer went as far as telling her that she needs to see an expert to fix the issue.

The woman told Ayesha: “Okay, Mrs. Curry. Love and peace, but I gotta say it. What are those? Like, seriously please get a new manicurist; I would love to just remove all of that and start you off with a new set. My nail soul is cringing 😬.”

This person leaped to defend Ayesha by writing this comment: “Girl, your nails look fine … folks always in business that has nothing to do with them.”

Another social media user did not hesitate to slam the critic with this remark: “Was that comment necessary? Take your own advice, positive vibes only. Does that sound familiar? You must lead a pathetic life if you’re going to foam at the mouth and make a comment like that. Concern yourself with your stank attitude, not with what someone else does with their nails. Clown behavior.”

This Instagrammer lashed out with the following comment: “The nerve of you even to say this. Even if it wasn’t a pandemic, how she has her nails is her prerogative. Some people don’t make a big deal out of things that don’t matter. You should try it.”

At some point, Ayesha caught wind of the criticism and hit back with an epic answer.

Ayesha reminded the person that there is an ongoing pandemic at the moment, and she has no time to focus on her nails.

She had this response: “Girl lol… I haven’t gotten my nails done in 7 months. These are press on. It’s a pandemic.”

Many have applauded Ayesha for hitting back the way she did.


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