TikTok Star Nathan ‘Doggface208’ Apodaca’s New Stunning Home Picture Impresses Fans As He Gets Ready For December Wedding

Nathan Apodaca Doggface Estela Chavez Getting Married TikTok

According to photos that have surfaced, the trendy TikTok star Nathan Apodaca is now the proud owner of a home in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

The purchase of the house marks a big step for the 37-year-old entertainer, who is mostly known by his nickname, Doggface208, on social media, and as until recently, he lived in a trailer.

However, Apodaca’s success on social media, including Instagram and Facebook, provided him with the means to drastically improve his living conditions and finally have a suitable place to live.

Until now, Apodaca lived in an RV that had no water supply or a bathroom on its own and was situated next to his brother’s home.

He bought the house of his dreams for the impressive sum of $320,000 in cash.

The new purchase is reportedly equipped with five bedrooms and three bathrooms, and the influencer is expected to move in the following week.

Apodaca came into prominence by sharing a video of himself in which he performed an impressive lip sync while listening to “Dreams” by the rock group Fleetwood Mac and enjoying Ocean Spray juice on his way to work at a potato factory in Idaho Falls.

TikTok Star Nathan Apodaca Doggface Buys Idaho Falls Idaho Home And Getting Married To Estela Chavez

The footage was an instant success and was liked by millions of users of the popular social media site and even inspired group members Mick Fleetwood and Stevie Nicks to make similar videos.

Moreover, the news of Doggface’s poor living conditions brought out the compassion of thousands of people, and many tried to help him via presents, and he also received a new vehicle as a gift from Ocean Spray.

Following Apodaca’s initial success, he is now an accomplished influencer with numerous fans on Instagram and TikTok and even participated in an ad with legendary West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg.

The TikTok superstar recently did an interview talking about his massive success by saying: “It’s crazy that all this can come from a video on TikTok. It’s been crazy; I’ve actually gotten work, I’ve been able to get a house.”

He added: “Everywhere I go, I hear people say their favorite meme of me is the one that says ‘2020 got better after this guy showed up’ and to me, that’s just amazing and it’s just crazy, and it makes me happy that people got a hold of the video and reacted to it like they did.”

His story has become a true inspiration for many people, and he is marrying his lady love, Estela Chavez, in December. He proposed with a $22k three-carat diamond ring.


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