Ronnie McNutt, An Army Veteran, Commits Suicide On Facebook Live — Critics Blast Reddit, TikTok, And Others For Not Doing Enough To Stop The Videos From Being Shared

Ronnie McNutt Army Veteran Facebook Live Social Media

Ronnie McNutt, an army veteran, shocked many after he appeared on Facebook Live and committed suicide.

For some bizarre reason, the videos of McNutt’s gruesome death have landed on several social media platforms, including Reddit, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

In late August, the distraught 33-year-old Iraq veteran sat in front of his desk, and at some point, he pulled out a gun and shot himself in the head.

The horrific incident has many people asking, why did the Mississippi man kill himself?

According to reports, McNutt might have recently lost his job.

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It is believed that McNutt was employed at the Toyota plant in Blue Springs, New Albany.

McNutt might have been emotionally distraught because he had a relationship with an unnamed woman that recently ended.

Being jobless and going through a heartache took a toll on McNutt, who sadly decided to take his life.

Friends, family members, and members of the Celebration Church Tupelo remember McNutt as a calm and loving man who left the world too soon.

McNutt loved great food, having fun, being with his friends, and often posted videos where he spoke about God’s love and encouraged others to find Jesus.

The Celebration Church Tupelo has yet to announce the date of McNutt’s funeral.

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The social media apps are now scrambling to remove the graphic videos of the veteran’s suicide. Many people have revealed that they have accidentally stumbled on the disturbing clips circulated on social media sites.

Facebook initially removed the video shared by McNutt, but social media users have been reposting it.

In statements issued by the site, they have promised to remove the videos as fast as possible and will take actions against the accounts that post them.

Many people have taken to social media, where they are warning people to stay away from the traumatizing video.

One person explained: “I already saw the video; it was very traumatizing 🥺 May he Rest In Peace. 💗”

Another commenter said what is being done to McNutt’s memory is disgusting and added: “Rest in peace. I’m so sorry you had to go through that. You deserved so much better. Fly high now; I was just looking for cute pictures that maybe his friends had tagged him in🥺 he looked so happy in his posts—it’s so disgusting that people are sharing the video around. the poor mate,🥺💔 he definitely wouldn’t have wanted this.”

This Instagrammer explained that it was essential to focus on mental health and mentioned that it was suicide awareness month: “Saying the video isn’t that bad, purposely looking up the video, etc. It is so disrespectful to him and his family. Have some fucking respect for this man. Ronnie McNutt. Died August 31st, served in Iraq. Remember his name. Say it. It’s suicide awareness month, act like it.”

One social media urged young people to stay away from the videos: “Please be safe I’ve seen about 20 videos of this hidden behind clips of art or cats and dogs, and I watched it yesterday on accident thinking it would cut out, and my whole body froze. So please be careful the videos do NOT cut out, and you will see and hear the gore. Please keep all young siblings off TikTok for the next few days!!”

It is unclear that the social media channels will do much to stop the videos from circulating.


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