Tom Cruise’s Son, Connor Cruise, Is Attacked For Sharing This Photo And He Fights Back

Tom Cruise Son Connor Fishing Trip Costa Rica

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman‘s son, Connor Cruise, has shared a post on Instagram to mark his birthday following a trip to Costa Rica with his friends.

The 26-year-old, who was adopted by actors Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman when they were married in the 1990s, only occasionally posts to social media.

However, it seems he marked his birthday by visiting Costa Rica for a fishing trip with friends and posted to Instagram to share a photo of himself standing on the deck of a boat holding a giant 200-pound catch that was bleeding heavily.

In the caption for the post, Cruise said that the “yellowfin were chewing today,” making reference to the super-sized fish he was proudly showing off against a backdrop of blue skies and crystal clear sea.

Connor Cruise was slammed with a long list of derogatory comments, and he decided to fight back. A person bashed Connor Cruise for wasting Tom Cruise’s money: “What are you doing for a living? Using Daddy’s Creditcard?”

And he responded by: “incorrect. Both in the accuracy of your data and the spelling of my name :)” Another commenter made this remark: “Aha. Taliban?”

Connor Cruise used these emojis “🌽🌽🌽🌽” to answer. A social media user told him, “You are awful,” and he responded by saying, “Thanks.”

A woman attacked him with this mean remark: “You have all the money in the world, and you’re out there torturing and slaughtering fish. Good job.”

He defended his action with this message: “Thanks. I was hungry.”

Another naysayer shared: “Wasting words here, I suppose. If one kills for their livelihood, you know, feed the kids, put bread and butter on the table, they are supporting their family, responsibility at all. You, on the other hand, are killing for pleasure, the stuffed trophy, and the pics and all that crap. Not certain that you get this point either. Bottom line, you set yourself up for all of these derogatory comments and knew they would come your way. And no, it’s not jealousy, its pity.”

All the comments were not negative; Connor Cruise’s close friend, Jeremy Spund, wished him a “happy birthday” and shared further photos of Costa Rica, which he described as “epic.”

Connor Cruise seems to be quite the avid fisherman, with other posts on social media showing him traveling on boats and going for fishing trips with friends.

He lives in Clearwater and is a Scientologist like his famous father, Tom Cruise. According to a source in 2018, he enjoys fishing and lives a “simple life” in a Scientology community with lots of friends.

His sister, Bella Kidman Cruise, 28, was also adopted by Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman and is now an artist living in London. She is also a Scientologist and shares pictures of her artwork on Instagram, although she rarely shares photos of herself.

Speaking about her children’s decisions to remain Scientologists after their parents’ split, Nicole Kidman said that she loves her children “no matter what” and would give up her life for them.

Kidman is now married to country singer Keith Urban, and the couple shares two daughters.


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