Meghan Markle Might Be Eyeing A More Powerful Title Than The One Queen Elizabeth Removed From Her

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Since the day Meghan Markle stepped foot on American soil, there have been wild speculations about her future.

Many believed that Meghan and her husband, Prince Harry, were going to start a global brand using their royal titles and influence to become billionaires and generous philanthropists.

However, Queen Elizabeth II vetoed their plans, and the former actress and her spouse landed an epic Netflix deal.

Royal experts Roberta Fiorito and Rachel Bowie explained how the Queen stepped in and shut Harry and Meghan down: “They also had to pivot from their full plan. They were going to do SussexRoyal, but the Queen put a stop to that. They really had a different idea in their heads in January of how this would all go. So I’m curious how long the Netflix deal has been in discussions, but I feel like they have made things happen.”

They added: “What struck me as most surprising is how quickly they were able to follow through their plans. They essentially said, ‘We laid out these plans, and it’s not going to be a year, we’re done.’ They mean business.”

Royals fans and critics have been eager to find out what the next step for the power couple will be.

It is strongly believed that Meghan could potentially pursue a career in politics, first as a governor, and later on, make a run for president of the United States.

In an interview with the British media outlet, Sunday Telegraph, celebrity agent Jonathan Shalit who claims to have ties to Meghan, said that a run for president inspired by Ronald Reagan who was also an actor, is more than possible.

Shalit explained: “She’s American-born, she has every right to run for president. Ronald Reagan was a B-list actor who ended up in the White House. Never say never. The perception of the couple in America is different to the UK. The UK has a love-hate relationship with the Sussexes, but it’s different in the States.”

Shalit went on to say that while Meghan is competent and accomplished, it will be a tough mountain to climb to become president.

He shared: “I think Meghan is very ambitious, but in this country, that is sometimes considered an unpleasant character trait. Yet she’s achieved a great deal already.”

Many see an irony in the idea of Meghan becoming POTUS because after losing her title from the royal family, she would gain a more powerful one — Madam President.


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