Concerned Royal Fans Do Not Want Prince Harry To Take Off With Wife Meghan Markle After Joining This Club

Prince Harry Helicopter License California Meghan Markle

Since Prince Harry moved to California with his wife and former actress, Meghan Markle, he has been doing his best to find his footing in this new land where he has no friends or family.

According to one of his pals, a homesick Harry has decided to return to his passion to stay grounded and happy since relocating to Santa Barbara with his spouse and their son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

It has been revealed that Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, has joined an exclusive helicopter club located near his mansion. Harry, a qualified Apache helicopter commander, has plans to take his wife on trips when the weather permits.

The royal insider, who spoke to the Sun, revealed: “Harry has joined a local flying club in California so that he can keep his helicopter license current. You know you have to do several hours per year; otherwise, your license won’t be renewed, and that applies in the US as much as it does in the UK.”

Harry also decided to get a membership because he plans to keep his helicopter license up to date and renewable.

The friend went on to say: “He’s very proud of that license; he worked hard to get first the basic and then the Apache… He’s hardly likely to be recalled for military service in England again, but he wants to keep the hours up for personal use, so he and Meghan can just take off for expeditions if they want to.”

Prince Harry Wants To Fly With Meghan Markle In California

Many concerned royal fans have taken to social media after the story broke to beg Harry to rethink his decision about flying a helicopter over California.

A worried backer told the prince: “I think we all remember the recent tragedy involving Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and other children and their parents. And in that case the chopper was piloted by a licensed pilot with years and years of experience that was familiar with the California terrain. You may want to take heed, Harry.”

This follower had this alarming reaction: “Harry, please read up on the tragic death of John Kennedy Jr. along with his wife and sister in law when he was flying a plane. Please don’t fly if you are so inept and can’t pass the pilot’s test.”

Prince Harry Hopes To Fly With Meghan Markle And Son Archie

This social media user, who shared the same sentiment, revealed in the comment section: “Let’s hope Harry actually passed his pilot’s license test for real and they didn’t just give it to him like they do everything else or someone else sits his test as they have done in the past! He is the last person I would fly in a helicopter with!”

However, this royal enthusiast found a silver lining to the story where Harry could become an American hero.

The woman shared this idea: “At least it’d be handy for evacuation crisis. California is an inferno. And thousands have fled.”

Harry and Meghan might have become a bit more controversial since “Megxit,” but they still have a lot of people rooting for them.


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