Queen Elizabeth And Prince Philip’s 73-Year-Old Marriage Faces Some Challenges In The Coronavirus Era

Prince Philip Queen Elizabeth II Lockdown

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Prince Philip and his wife, Queen Elizabeth II, have spent what is described as an unprecedented amount of time together.

However, according to the latest reports, Prince Philip’s unconventional ways of doing things and his strong personality might have led to a disagreement with The Queen.

In an official statement released by Buckingham, it was revealed that after Philip and The Queen’s Scottish vacation, they would be staying in a protective bubble in Balmoral.

Prince Philip was not happy about the news because he did not want to go to Windsor or Balmoral. Instead, he asked to stay at Sandringham, but he was told that it is impossible because there are not enough royal staff members to create two bubbles 130-miles apart.

Note that it requires a staff of 24 people working in two teams of 12 on three weeks on and three weeks off and one week in quarantine for “The Queen’s Bubble.”

The Queen did come up with a compromise. They decided to stay at Wood Farm before returning together to Windsor.

A source explained: “Philip didn’t want to go to Balmoral and doesn’t want to go to Windsor. But there is not enough staff to make two bubbles, so he is being made to go. It makes far more sense to keep them together.”

Royal expert Joe Little, the managing editor of Majesty magazine, said the pandemic had been some kind of a “blessing” for the couple who has been married for 73 years.

He explained: “This must be the longest they’ve been under the same roof for many years, I would say. But it’s an opportunity for them in their later years to reconnect.”

He also revealed that their very different personalities make this lengthy romance work. He continued: “The Queen is a much more laid-back character, while the duke has never suffered fools gladly. The Queen is much less confrontational, so I suppose they are opposites in many ways, but clearly, the chemistry has worked for them as they are now in the 73rd year of marriage, so that itself is quite remarkable.”

Little then stated: “They have said publicly at times of wedding anniversaries; it’s tolerance in abundance and plenty of patience as well. I suppose for them, perhaps it’s always been a case of absence makes the heart grow fonder. They would go through periods of not really seeing much of each other.”

The Queen was able to put an end to the abdication chatter with her latest moves amid the pandemic that is hitting the world and her country.


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