Prince William Got Emotional After This Remark From Prince George

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Prince William is laser-focused on the environment at the moment, and he has gotten the entire family involved in his mission to help the planet.

The future King of England recently sat down with the legendary broadcaster and natural historian Sir David Attenborough to talk about his latest project.

Attenborough got the opportunity to meet Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s children — Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis of Cambridge, who had many questions about animals.

The Duke of Cambridge shared several photos of the children delightfully interacting with Attenborough. However, 7-year-old Prince George lost his joy and a bit of his innocence as he watched the documentary that is focused on the sensitive subjects of species going extinct and the conservation efforts that are made to save some of them.

The Duke of Cambridge said he became emotional when his little boy told him that he was sad and could no longer watch Attenborough’s latest special on BBC One, Extinction: The Facts.

The father of three confessed via Sky News: “The most recent [David Attenborough] one — the extinction one — actually George and I had to turn it off, we got so sad about it halfway through. He said to me, ‘You know, I don’t want to watch this anymore.'”

William said his son asked him this poignant question: “Why has it come to this?”

The famous royal added: “He’s 7 years old, and he’s asking me these questions already. He really feels it, and I think every 7-year-old out there can relate to that. I really feel from an emotional point of view as well, I think every parent, everyone wants to do the best for their children. And I think we have to have a decade of change, a decade of repairing the planet so that we can hand it on to the next generation and future generations and sustain the prosperity for their lives too.”

William is doing his part with the recently-launched environmental initiative, the Earthshot Prize, which has the goal of turning “the current pessimism surrounding environmental issues into optimism, by highlighting the ability of human ingenuity to bring about change, and inspiring collective action.”

William’s $65 million Earthshot Prize initiative will award £1 million ($1.3 million) to five different groups of people pushing positive environmental change.

Like his father, Prince Charles, William has apparently found in the environment a noble cause worth fighting for. It is also an efficient way for the monarchy to connect with the young generation.


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