Jada Pinkett Smith Missed On A Big Opportunity Because Of Her Loyalty To Tupac Shakur

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The relationship that existed between Tupac Shakur and Jada Pinkett Smith has been well documented over the years.

Jada has spoken about how close she was with the late rapper in numerous interviews. She confessed that while they had a deep and intimate connection as friends, it never reached a romantic level.

Jada’s husband, Will Smith, has revealed that he was jealous of the connection that existed between the pair.

Recently, Larenz Tate did an interview and explained how far Jada decided to go for the legendary West Coast MC.

According to the Power star, Jada refused to take a role in Dead Presidents because the Hughes Brothers directed it.

Jada, who was very loyal, declined the part because Tupac had a fallout with the movie directors. Tupac was set to star in a movie put together by the Hughes brothers, but he was fired, and that led to a major fight.

The beatdown prompted Tupac to be arrested and charged with assault and battery.

Alan Huges explained why the role was not for the iconic star: “If ‘Pac had been in the movie, he would’ve outshined everyone. It would’ve thrown the whole axis of the movie off if Tupac was in it because he was bigger than the movie.”

While filming Girls Trip with Jada, Larenz asked about her decision not to make the movie.

Larenz explained: “We’re on set in New Orleans talking about that experience. I said, ‘I talked to the Hughes brothers, and you were supposed to be in the movie.’ And she says ‘I was.’ She was like, ‘I couldn’t do it because, at the time, I was really close with Tupac and Tupac had this beef with the Hughes brothers.’”

Larenz went on to reveal: “She had a good relationship with Tupac, and she didn’t want to get in the middle of it. She thought if she had done that movie, it would’ve been a little weird.”

Jada and Tupac bonded after their first meeting when they were children at the Baltimore School for the Arts in Maryland.

The actress stated: “It was the first day, and he came over to me and introduced himself. And in high school, Pac was a little funny looking. Definitely, from looking at him, wasn’t necessarily the type of cat that I would even, like, deal with. But as soon as he approached me, he was like a magnet. Once you paid attention to him, he kind of sucked you in. And we hit it off from that moment on… I don’t think either one of us thought we would have made it in the way that we did, but we knew we were going to do something.”

She revealed why she never dated Tupac: “You know, it’s so funny because now being older, I have more of an understanding of what that was between us. When you have two young people that have very strong feelings, but there was no physical chemistry between us at all, and it wasn’t even just for me – it was him too. There was a time when I was like, ‘Just kiss me! Let’s just see how this goes. And when I tell you, it had to be the most disgusting kiss for us both.”

Those two really had an interesting bond.


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