Kate Middleton Debuts Stunning Holiday Hair Makeover In New Video, Sparking Pregnancy Rumor

Kate Middleton New Hair Color Pregnancy Rumors

Kate Middleton is giving holiday vibes with her latest hair color. And of course, the change prompted pregnancy rumors again.

This week, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, appeared in a video posted on Kensington Palace’s official Instagram account.

Prince William‘s wife, who had dark brown hair while in lockdown with her family, has debuted stunning lighter hair.

Kate is now blonde with a brunette touch, and it seems that she has trimmed a few inches off her famously long and thick hair.

Royal fans cannot help but wonder if Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with royal baby number 4 because she switched her hair as she did before when she was expecting her three children.

Royal supporters have their hopes very high that Kate might announce the joyous baby news in a few months.

The mother of three unveiled the beautiful hairstyle while promoting her captivating Hold Still photography contest.

To highlight the new hair color, Kate, who had perfect makeup, wore a deep red blazer, an offwhite top, and an elegant necklace.

This caption accompanied the video: “Thank you for being part of #HoldStill2020!
The portraits that illustrate your stories and experiences of lockdown have shown just how much communities have come together during this difficult year. For the past four weeks, our community exhibition has taken the final 100 portraits back to the communities that took them.”

It continued: “To our partners, the judges, and most importantly, everyone who submitted an image to Hold Still – thank you for making this project possible.”

In the recorded video message, Kate spoke about the Hold Still community exhibition by saying: “We have been thrilled by the response to the project, and I couldn’t be more grateful to each and every one of the 31,000 people who submitted an image. It was so hard to select the final 100 photographs, but we hope we have created a collective portrait of our nation, reflecting on what others have experienced as well as our own journeys through this difficult time.”

She went on to reveal: “It has been fantastic to see these portraits on billboards and outdoor poster sites across the country as part of our community exhibition, and I’m hugely grateful to all our partners for helping us take the images back to the people and communities who took them.”

Kate was praised for her efforts by this royal fan: “It’s amazing how you were able to pull beauty from such a turbulent time period and present the strength of good people. You also gave a lot of people a creative outlet in which to collectively process their struggle too. Wonderful job!”

Another backer in love with the new look shared: “Can we just talk about how beautiful and elegant the Duchess of Cambridge is with that hair color? She is effortlessly elegant! Kate the Great! Fingers crossed for a royal baby.”

Kate is effortlessly elegant with the new look.


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