Did Heidi Klum Go Too Far With This Video Revealing Her Hidden Talent With Husband Tom Kaulitz?

Heidi Klum And Husband Tom Kaulitz Shower Fun

Heidi Klum decided that it would be great to take her fans under the shower with her as she belted a few notes.

Over the weekend, the former model, who is not shy when it comes to revealing her stunning body to the world, went a bit too far for some of her 7 million Instagram million followers.

The television host and former Victoria’s Secret Angel dropped a video where she has nothing on while enjoying a steamy shower with her husband, Tom Kaulitz, and revealing her hidden talent to the world.

Klum had her hair in a tight bun as she played with the camera and splashed water all over her famously toned body.

Klum left her fans floored with her beautiful voice alongside the Tokio Hotel guitarist.

At some point, the 47-year-old America’s Got Talent judge gave her husband a sweet kiss as they sang and danced in the shower.

Klum had this intriguing caption for the eyepopping video: “Can you tell what movie we watched ?????”

A fan was quick to guess the film by saying this: “Eyes Wide Shut? you sounded great!! I love it.”

Not everyone was happy to see so much of Klum. A backer asked her to keep some aspects of her life private because going too public will backfire as it did with her ex-husband.

The angry comment read: “What is wrong with Heidi didn’t she know about privacy? Is she so desperate? What is next? We have seen almost all things with Seal, Vito, her former Bodyguard. You don’t have to do this.”

Klum received this follower’s backing, who said she has the right to flaunt her love and happiness.

The woman shared: “THANK YOU! She’s happy, Tom’s happy, they’re sharing their happiness, and they are absolute couple goals. This is the cutest video ever, and all the hate that’s being thrown at it is simply jealousy. It’s sad that people can’t be happy for each other in this world..”

Indeed Klum is in a happy place in her life thanks to her husband. She spoke to PEOPLE and made this sweet revelation: “I’m just a much happier person. For the first time, I have a partner with who I can discuss everything. Someone who shares duties that we all have in our life. I used to be on my own with everything. For the first time, I get to experience what it is actually like to have a partner.”

The supermodel went on to reveal: “He is the kindest, sweetest, most caring, loving person. I feel so lucky. I don’t know the last time I was this happy in my life. He is absolutely wonderful. Maybe it is because he is German and we understand each other in a different way. But so far, so good.”

Klum has always been very comfortable in her own skin.


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