Fantasia Barrino Is Mom-Shamed After Announcing She Is Pregnant In Video Where Husband Kendall Taylor Kisses Her Bare Baby Bump

Kendall Taylor Fantasia Barrino Pregnant

Singer and actress Fantasia Barrino is celebrating a big event — she is pregnant.

Via social media, the diva shared an adorable video where she gets tons of kisses from her husband, Kendall Taylor, as she made the big baby announcement.

The Instagram Story also features Fantasia showing her tiny baby bump as a happy Kendall rubs it. The former American Idol winner had her hit song “Baby Mama” playing in the background.

Fantasia seemed delighted as she kicked off her shoes and danced and hugged her husband during the announcement.

Fantasia is already mom to daughter Zion Quari Barrino,19, and Dallas Xavier Barrino, 8, from previous relationships.

The artist’s fans were thrilled by the sweet revelation and rushed to wish her a smooth pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Fantasia, 36, received this sweet message from a social media user: “Congratulations on your upcoming blessing! I pray you have a healthy, happy pregnancy, smooth delivery, and a healthy baby!!”

This critic opted to shame Fantasia because of the age gap between her children.

A mom-shamer opted to point out: “Damn, people really be starting over like that? Her daughter gotta be 19 now.”

This backer of the singer had this to say about the criticism: “Age is just a number, sweety, and they been trying for a child but had complications, so this is a miracle congrats to them. SOOOO HAPPY for Her… I still listen to her first album like it came out yesterday. ❤”

Another supporter penned this comment: “She was fairly young when she had her first one. But yes, her oldest is like 19, and her little boy is like 8 or 9. She definitely spread them out pretty far… I couldn’t do it.😫”

In a recent interview, Fantasia revealed how her husband’s love changed her life.

She confessed: “I had to go through it. When I first met my husband, I was taking care of everything. I took care of my whole family. It was me. My husband’s a felon, but he turned it all around, and he owns his own business. And so, I wasn’t used to that. I was a pop-off—quick with the mouth, smart. But it took a man like him to sit me down, look me in my eyes and talk to me like I was supposed to be talked to, and say, ‘I’m here now. You don’t have to do all of that. Pass it over to me and let me take care of it.'”

The talented diva seems to know what she is doing; naysayers should embrace the good side of all this.


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