Elton John’s Nemeses Should Be Worried As He Prepares This Unexpected Move

Elton John Tell-All Interview Madonna Feud

Elton John has been active in the music industry since 1962 and has therefore met a long list of artists and personalities along the way.

Some of the famous figures became close friends and others are sworn enemies. According to the latest report from OK!, the legendary singer and songwriter is looking forward to taking part in a tell-all interview to talk about his impressive career.

The British legend also plans to spill the tea on his failed friendships and feuds with Madonna, Simon Cowell, Lily Allen, and Rod Stewart.

According to the insider, Sir Elton Hercules John decided to have a revealing conversation about his life while in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The famed pianist and composer was set to play for his millions of fans worldwide during his farewell tour and it was pushed back because of the health crisis.

Upon realizing that after five decades in the industry, he has more than enough material to captivate and make jaws drop, the “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” singer opted for the juicy tell-all.

A person close to the 73-year-old crooner shared: “Elton’s looking to do a tell-all interview that will cover everything he’s been through — the good, bad, and the very ugly. Elton’s done this before to a lesser degree, but this time he won’t hold anything back. He sees this as a fitting way to mark the end of an era. Elton’s spent lockdown going through boxes of belongings. He’s found letters, scrapbooks, and other personal items and discovering stuff he never realized was there.”

He plans to finally share the truth about the rumors that he has butted heads with a few well-known stars, including Madonna.

The person went on to say: “Elton’s sick of people hyping up his feuds, and he says many of them have been greatly exaggerated. However, it’s true there’s no love lost between him and Madonna — he finds her insincere and irritating! He’ll discuss this in his interview — and a lot more.”

The philanthropist will also open up about the pain he went through after losing his dear friends — Gianni Versace and Princess Diana, who died in 1997.

The source shared: “He and Diana were inseparable, best friends really, and she opened up to Elton about everything from her private struggles to the things she hoped to accomplish. He’ll share some of the inspiring anecdotes and personal memories from their time together, and the same for Gianni too, whom he adored like a brother.”

John hopes his backers will discover the real version of his life with his husband, David Furnish, and their two children — Zachary, 9, and Elijah, 7.

The insider concluded by: “Elton has been through it all,” notes the insider. “But he’s come out on top each and every time, like a true survivor.”

Some observers believe there is a lot of hype around this interview.


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