Mother Arrested After Physically Assaulting Student At Daughter’s School In Florida With Boxing Glove Glued To Her Hand — Incident Caught On Video

Edith Riddle Mugshot Florida Mom Boxing Glove Navaeh Taylor

According to police reports, a mother has been arrested after allegedly hitting a student with a boxing glove at her daughter’s school in Florida.

34-year-old Edith Riddle from Jacksonville, Florida, was arrested after she allegedly started hitting a student at her daughter’s school, Dupont Middle School, following a meeting with the vice principal.

According to a bystander who witnessed the violent incident, the defendant was wearing a boxing glove on her left hand.

Riddle later claimed that this was because the boxing glove was attached to her hand with superglue, and she could not remove it.

She was arrested on charges of child abuse after the incident took place on March 18.

The parents of the student involved have said they intend to file criminal charges against Edith Riddle after the assault of their daughter.

According to police reports, a safety officer at the middle school had heard about a fight breaking out in the outdoor grounds of the school at lunchtime on a Thursday last month.

The authorities were alerted, and police officers arrived to find Edith Riddle in a physical altercation with a student.

Riddle’s daughter was also believed to be involved in the attack on the student. Riddle’s daughter is 14 years old and it is known what the motive was behind the attack on her fellow student.

The alleged victim was identified as Navaeh Taylor, a 12-year-old seventh-grader.

Riddle had been at the school to attend a meeting with her daughter and the vice principal.

According to the police report, Riddle was called in to meet with the vice principal about an incident that occurred.

It has been confirmed that the eighth-grader had “hostile outbursts” at another student whose name had not been revealed initially.

Instead of leaving the campus after the meeting, the teenager decided to enter the cafeteria and start a fight with the other girl.

She was then allegedly joined by her mother, who also physically assaulted the female student.

It is claimed that Riddle’s daughter punched the other girl. Riddle joined the brawl and also landed more punches herself.

The victim was taken to the hospital following the incident and suffered bruising to her arms and legs.

According to the police report, the girl’s parent was called to the school and spoke to the authorities, and she decided to pursue criminal charges.

The parent took the victim to St. Vincent’s Hospital after the incident.


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