Kate Moss’s Younger Sister, Lottie Moss, Had This To Say After Getting Caught In Raunchy And ‘Dumb’ Viral Video

Lottie Moss Kate Model Raunchy Video

Model Lottie Moss has received public backlash after an Instagram live where she kissed her friends and described herself as a “Covid super-spreader.”

The 22-year-old kissed two friends while live-streaming the display to her 300,000+ fan base on Instagram, following an evening out in London.

Joined by four other girlfriends, Kate Moss‘s younger sister ventured out for dinner, seeming relaxed and carefree.

Wearing a fluffy black coat, light blue jeans, and black boots; she looked stylish yet casual as her friends laughed beside her on the way to the restaurant, where Charlotte Moss put on a face mask before entering.

The group shared photos and video clips on social media as they enjoyed their meal.

Later in the evening, during an Instagram live, Moss and her friends were asked whether they risked spreading COVID-19.

They were not following social distancing guidelines but did not seem phased as they responded that they were “super-spreading” the virus.

It is not known whether any of the friends have formed support bubbles. Under the coronavirus Tier 2 restrictions in London, people cannot mix with other households in any indoor setting.

However, households can join with another to form support bubbles, which can then act as one household.

Moss was happy and giddy in the video as she showed ample affection to her female friends and made a short speech to fans to encourage them to “do what you want” and enjoy their time having fun while they are young.

Facing heavy backlash, Moss issued a lengthy apology for her “insensitive and dumb joke.”

She said: “Someone in the Live popped up saying those words, and I repeated them as a joke because I am not and would never condone spreading a virus as serious as this. I was out for dinner with four friends, three of which are in the same household, and under the government guidelines – as I live alone – I am allowed a support bubble of four.”

She added: “I understand this has upset and offended a lot of people, and I want to apologize for making such an insensitive joke.”

London has been under Tier 2 restrictions since the second national lockdown in England was lifted on December 2.

In the last week, politicians have been warned that infection rates are increasing in London, which may need to enter Tier 3 in order to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Some supporters are hoping that the model will learn a great deal from the incident.


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